Answers About “Four Products: Predicting Diffusion

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  • Published : June 23, 2012
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Answers about “Four Products: Predicting Diffusion (2008)”

Read and consider the article. Answer the following questions related to the article.

1. Which of the four products described are you most optimistic about in terms of its likely success? Why? a. Synthetic race track (Polytrack) is my choice of products most likely to succeed. Gambling/odds making/ betting are a big industry throughout the world. The benefits of a softer race track that will cut down on injuries to horses and save owners millions of dollars will be a success. I see horse owners and trainers highly encouraging tracks to adopt the new Polytrack system. As it said in the article horses that sustain fewer injuries and are able to recuperate faster, allows horses to race more than one or two races which translates into more revenue for all parties involved.

2. Which are you most pessimistic about? Why?
b. Sliced Peanut Butter is my choice of products less likely to succeed. The only benefit if it can be called a benefit to sliced peanut butter is time savings. I don’t see this product meeting a need or correcting a problem. As a consumer I like my peanut butter as a spread.

3. What are the common factors that distinguish products that are likely to succeed from those that are likely to fail? c. The technology/product fixes or partially solves a problem and meets a need. It saves the users money and helps creates revenue. The cost/price must be attractive to the user.

4. If you were looking to invest, which product do you find most attractive? d. I would invest in the Polytrack technology
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