Annotated Bibliography: Robert Graves

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Annotated Bibliography: Robert Graves
Kathy Johnson
Excelsior College

ENG 252
Victoria Schmidt
April 21, 2013

Annotated Bibliography: Robert Graves (2004, July 15). The Greek Myths: 1 - Robert Graves. Retrieved from Book reviews:

This analysis of Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, was far from what I expected. The author begins with stating that he is a great admirer of Robert Graves and has always enjoyed reading the Greek Myths. However, he goes on to say that Robert Grave's take on the Greek Myths was geared towards a much younger demographic and that he leaves out a lot of " the really good stuff." The author also discusses one of Robert Graves’s most controversial works, "The White Goddess," and believes that most of it was from his own interpretation and that more evidence to back up his interpretations should have been included. Overall, the author summarizes his analysis by stating that he finds it difficult to recommend The Great Myths. He also says that although it is a good collection of myths, that they have been so condensed. He recommends to read Robert Graves novel, "King Jesus," and if you find that useful or interesting, that the Great Myths may be appealing.

Gascoigne, B. (2008). Robert Graves (1895-1985). Retrieved from Books and Writers:

In this biography, there is more of an in depth background, history and review of his works. It starts out with his family background, his childhood and his education. It explores his thoughts on philosophy, his best known works, his relationship with Laura Riding (also an inspiration to his work), his literary writings with Laura Riding and how he became intersted in myths and history which led to reunite the gospels and genealogy of Jesus in "King Jesus." Graves was also a professor of poetry and in this he "challenges academic and popular...
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