Annotated Bibliography Example

Topics: Music, Education, High school Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Annotated Bibliography
Reina Garza
Diana Hollinger, Russ Sperling, JoAnn Ford (2009, november 5). the state of music education in schools. (M. Cavanaugh, Interviewer)

* When test scores go down in math and reading, the emphasis is put on those basic subjects to the detriment of other so-called elective courses. And now the combination of standardized testing and budget cuts have put art and music classes in the highest of high-risk categories,” (par 1) * “when you speak with great educators, and look behind the test scores, the lessons learned in studying music, learning to play an instrument, playing in a band, learning to read music, all provide a richness to a child's education that will last a lifetime,” (par 1). * Because of the declining math and reading scores, it is causing the students to double up on classes. This then does not give them time to take any form of music education. (par 12). * “You cannot cut something for one or two years and say, oh, we’ll bring it back next year because the cuts are long term,” (par 16). * We still have about half the number of music students in music education in K-through-12. And we’ve never fully recovered and partly that’s because we start cutting the things that are the least visible first, which would be elementary music and then junior high music because the things that are most visible are the marching band at the football game…and the choir at, you know, at graduation and those sorts of things in high school. But it’s like cutting off the roots; the flower only lasts just so long,” (par 16 & 18). * Some schools outsource their music programs. This then makes the teacher work with the students after school. Diana says, “we can’t just do a little music. Let’s outsource this and sing some songs after school. That’s not how you teach. You don’t teach algebra that way, you don’t teach somebody to read that way, you don’t teach science that way. You cannot teach anything that way. So it’s...
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