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The first full page of the annotated bibliography is a summary of what you learned from all of the sources you have listed in the bibliography. You want to share with your reader answers to questions like: Why did you choose this subject?

What were you hoping to find and did you find what you expected or something else? Which sources seemed to be most useful? Which were less useful? If you were to do more research, what other areas might you look into? Remember that this is not a complete essay, but it should give your reader a fairly good idea of what ideas you gained from your research. On the next few pages I have included my own annotated bibliography entries from a paper I later published in a small journal. Please don’t feel like you need to understand what I am talking about (these notes would be read by Shakespeare scholars), but do take a look at the length of my entries, what types of things I am saying about each source, and how each is set up. You might note that these are quite similar to your Reading Responses (Coincidence? I think not). This bibliography is in alphabetical order, but others are in the order of a preliminary outline – listing sources the way they would appear in a paper. Others are listed in groupings of “useful” and “not useful.” There are all sorts of ways you can group your entries…just be sure it makes sense to me when I read it. Doty, Jeffrey S. “Shakespeare’s Richard II, “Popularity,” and the Early Modern Public Sphere.” Shakespeare Quarterly 61.2 (Summer 2010): 185-205. Project MUSE. Web. 09 Sept. 2010. “Bolingbroke’s “courtship to the common people” is positive because it offers a vision of the political community that counters Richard’s solipsistic rule.” Doty’s discussion of “popularity” offers a lot of interesting ground to cover in class discussion: Do we agree with the definitions he offers? Do we see...
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