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Topics: Radiology, Medical imaging, X-ray Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Raad Almandil
Professor L. Lykins
ENGL 111-57C
Due Date: 2/21/2013
Radiology is connected to virtually all areas of medicine. Many people often enter the field of radiology because they have different sorts of interest in the job. The field of radiology was originally oriented on using X-ray radiation imagining of the body. Current radiology is not limited to X-rays; it also uses magnetic field, radiation and sound waves. Radiology can be used both for diagnostic purpose, as well as a form of treatment for some diseases. A Radiologist is a medical specialist using X-rays, sound waves (ultrasound) and magnetism (MRI) disease in patients determine or exclude. A Radiologist can radiographic abnormalities in bone or tissue. also investigate the nature of the illness or injury is and where it is located. A Radiologist can actually treating patients with small (surgical) procedures to perform, for example, angioplasty or staunching severe bleeding. A Radiologist plays an important role and gets almost all other medical specialists, patients referred for investigation. There is always taking place between the referring specialist and the Radiologist, the outcome of the tests and their evaluation by the Radiologist. A Radiologist gets this way with almost all diseases and conditions to those occurring in humans. the field of radiology is pretty wide, and to be a radiologist does not necessarily tell what you do on daily basis. However all radiologist must know how the image focuses on the interpretation of images such as X-rays and ultrasound. The radiologist can also focus on a particular specialty, such as nuclear radiology, emergency radiology and breast imaging. Nurses, technologists and radiology assistants can work in a variety of fields based on their history of training. To provide an overview outlook of the breadth of diagnostic imaging, invasive radiology, and introduction to the fundamentals of diagnostic radiology. I...
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