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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Diet Analysis Project Questionnaire

Note: Refer to your profile, iprofile reports, and TEXTBOOK.Name______________ Base answers on 3 day average intake only.

1.According to your profile, your BMI is _________. This means you are considered: 1)underweight 2) healthy 3) overweight 4) obese? (circle one)

2.What percent of your recommended kcalorie intake did you consume?________%

3.If you consumed your average kcalorie intake per day over a month, assuming no change in activity level, would you expect to lose, gain, or maintain your weight? (circle one)

4.The Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range (AMDR) for protein is 10-35% of total kcalories.

a)What was your average protein intake (g)?_______gms
b)How many kcalories came from protein?_______kcals
c)What percent of your total kcalories came from protein?__________%

5.What % of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for protein did you obtain? __________%

a) What 3 foods contributed the most to your protein intake?

b) What diet changes, if any, would you make to bring your protein intake closer to your RDA?

6.List 2 health risks associated with a high protein intake (more than 2 times the RDA).

7.The AMDR for carbohydrate is 45–65% of total kcalories.

a)What was your average carbohydrate intake? __________ grams b)How many of your kcalories came from carbohydrate? __________kcals. c)What percent of your total kcalories came from carbohydrates? ____________% d)What adjustments to your diet, if any, could you make to meet the guidelines for carbohydrate intake?

e)Identify one food that supplied the most carbohydrate in you diet.

8.Your DRI for fiber is based on 11.5 grams/ 1000 kcals.

a) How many grams of dietary fiber per day did you consume on average? _____ grams b) What percent of your Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) was this?...
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