Animal Rights Outline

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  • Published : April 11, 2012
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Commonly Debated Issues in the Animal Rights Argument

|PRO's |CON's | |Agreeing with Animal Rights |Disagreeing with Animal Rights | |Human beings are complex evolved creatures who are given rights on the |Human beings are more complex than any other living creatures. Their | |basis that they are able to think and to feel pain. Many other animals |abilities to think and talk, to form social systems with rights and | |are also able to think (to some extent) and are certainly able to feel |responsibilities, and to feel emotions are developed well beyond any | |pain. Therefore non-human animals should also be given rights. |other animals. It is reasonable to try to prevent the cruelty to animals,| | |but beyond that, non-human animals do not deserve to be given ‘rights’. | |Ever since the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species in 1859 |The fact that we are (incredibly distantly) related to other animals does| |we have known that human beings are related by common descent to all |not mean that it makes sense to talk about them having ‘rights’. This | |other animals. We have a duty of care to our animal cousins. |sort of thinking would have absurd consequences: ex.( saying that we | | |should respect the ‘right’ to life of bacteria,to move freely and to | | |associate freely with other living organisms). We want to reduce | | |unnecessary animal suffering, but not because all creatures to...
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