Angry Young Men

Topics: Male, Boy, Female Pages: 4 (1597 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Angry Young Men
Aaron Kipnis

Specific details about the worth of the book:
The book Angry Young men is easy to read and very informative. It gives the reader an insider’s view of the hardships of getting caught in the system. I believe Aaron Kipnis is an expert on the shortcomings of how, as a society, we handle the challenging youth. He has lived through the challenges and has studied the topic of “bad boys” in a traditional academic way. I felt hope while reading through this book despite the heavy subject matter, I think that Kipnis intended the reader to feel hope throughout the book because he knows firsthand the challenges and hardships that our young youth are experiencing today. Kipnis interweaves many suggestions for changes within the system and how we can teach and work with troubled boys. A great quality that I believe Aaron Kipnis possesses is that of compassion. Because he has been there and done it, so to speak, he is able to extend compassion to other young boys who are going down that tough terrain and take a risk with them by extending real compassion that comes from someone who has experienced a similar path. As far as readability and an overall exploration of how innocent boys can become angry young men, I believe this book ranks very high on the must have for parents, professionals and community teachers & leaders everywhere. Angry Young Men is definitely a useful and resourceful tool, which makes it worth the read. What influenced the writing?

Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D. writes from a personal and professional experience, sharing about his own troubled youth and the successful approaches he has used to help bad boys become good men. Kipnis was first incarcerated at the age of eleven when he ran away from home after a beating. He spent about seven years, a large portion of his childhood in foster care, temporary housing, and locked institutions or on the streets. Kipnis offers hope by telling parents what they need to know if...
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