Ancient Japan Annotated Bibliography

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Annotated Bibliography
N/A. Nara and Heian Periods (710-1185). 9 June 2002. October 2011 . This page was very informational. It talked a lot about the political climate of the Heian period and goverment.

N/A. Heian Period. 27 February 2008. October 2011 .
This text was very informational. It explained the government in depth as well as giving me more specific information about the people of the time.

N/A. Heian Period Politics. 18 June 2011. October 2011 .
This website gave me information about how the Fujiwara clan came to power and why Emperor Kammu moved from Nara to Heian-kyo.

Segal, Ethan. Heian Japan: An Introductory Essay. 2011. October 2011 . This website was very interesting, though not the best (even though it was very helpful in some aspects) for the aspect of life I’m focusing on. It explained how the Heian period people became the way they were, how they developed their way of life, how things worked out the way they did. This is probably my favorite of all the websites I visited.

N/A. Nakasendoway: A Journey to the Heart of Japan. 17 July 2011. October 2011 . This website was extremely helpful. It explained, in depth, the political system and how the government functioned. Watkins, Thayer. Japan's Missed Oppertunity . 1 October 2011. October 2011 . This website was more than helpful. It explained the political climate and Japan's relationship with other countries.

N/A. The Origins of the Tokugawa Shogunate. 8 August 2011. October 2011 . This website was great; it explained how the Tokugawa Shogunate came to be and why things happened the way they did.

White, James W. The Demography of Sociopolitical Conflict in Japan, 1721-1846 . Berkeley, California: Institute of East Asian Studies, 1992. This book was terrific. It explained not only the government and laws in depth, but it also gave me more information about their way of life.

Note: I do have a couple of primary sources, but I’m still trying to get all the information...
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