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All praise be to God for such a celestial and symphonious evening. An evening full of allure and amazement.
An evening brimming with phonemes elements of ABC’s and jittery of numbers.

The countdown has begun,
Let’s rock and roll with the kids.

I ________, and I _______________,
We will take you through the melodious SYMPHONY,
Of Rustomjiens.
Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen!!! A very warm welcome on behalf of the RUSTOMJIE KINDERGARTEN to the most awaited event FUN WITH EDUCATION.

We take this wonderful opportunity to welcome all of you for this much awaited event.

I would request our Principal Sir to introduce our guests and welcome the dignitaries. (Sir will welcome)
It’s indeed our honour to have such pleasant and dynamic personalities whose presence will surely inspire and encourage our little stars.

I request Ms. Hiya Shaikh, to greet all our dear parents in his own small way. (Welcome speech)

That was so nice of you Hiya, thank you for welcoming all our parents.

Rustomjie is a home away from home. A caring and protective environment where kids learn and grow with fun filled academic and life skills activities. There is lot of hustle and bustle at Rustomjie.

I would request Mst. Parth Surve and Ms. Krupa Patil, to showcase you all the happenings in our school.

(School Report)

Thank you Parth and Krupa for the journey around the school. It’s surprising how the kids are able to do all these activities with so much of energy and zeal.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. We are blessed to have such teacher, who tugs us, pushes us, and leads us to achieve our dreams. With great pleasure I would request our respected Principal, a caring and motivating father to all students, to address us.

(Principal Sir’s Speech)

Thank you sir for such admirable and inspiring words.

God answers every prayer.
When the idea is not right, GOD says NO.
When the time has not arrived, God says SLOW.
We have good plans for ourselves, but GOD has better plans for us. Let us all to-gether uncover and seek the unconditional love and protection of almighty GOD. I call Ms. Kavya Chandak to humbly offer our prayers to the LORD.

Welcome Dance)
That was spirituality at its best…
GOD…BHAGWAAN… ALLAH… call with any name… there is one supreme power who answers… as it was rightly said “SABKA MALIK EK” by our tiny tots. There will be a mix of various dance forms this evening, with some message, some different concept. That’s amazing… the kids with their performances are all queued up. I call Ms.Itisha Wankhede for the next performance…

(Fashion show)

That’s what I call a phenomenal performance…
Thank you Namrata Ma’am for the wonderful words describing our young models, I am sure even the models of the Lakme Fashion show will envy these kids. Fashion fades, Style is eternal.
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak, and that’s what our mesmerizing models exhibited today. The young kids in their charismatic costumes were beautiful. But let me tell you, beauty is not in the clothes we wear; it is in the heart, true beauty is reflected in our soul. Let us be humble and caring.

I call now Mst. Vedang Mantri for the next performance.

(Globe dance)
Please welcome the Indians
here comes the Caribbean’s,
here they come – the Afghanis,
here are the smart Scotlanders,
here are our neighbours – the Chinese,
And finally here comes the world – our Globe

What an electrifying performance…
The globe today,
is a place with
No more laughter, no more joy,
Only tears outcome of global fight.

The globe today,
is not as jubilant as it used to be.
hatred and violence prevails
As Mankind is stung by the evil bee.

Let’s make this world free
Of all the agonies and envy .
Let’s spread harmony and foster peace.
Let’s make
The globe...
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