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Topics: Epithelium, Meninges, Pia mater Pages: 6 (1078 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathophysiology Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes 1. a- without or absence of: (asepsis, avascular tissue) 2. ab- away from: (abduction)
3. acro- top or end: (acromion process)
4. ad- to or towards: (adduction, adductor muscle)
5. aesth – feeling: anesthesia)
6. –algia pain: (neuralgia)
7. ambi- both: (ambidexterous)
8. amubl- walk: (ambulatory)
9. an- without: (anaerobic respiration)
10. ante- before, in front of: (antecerebellar)
11. anti- against: (antibacterial, antibiotic, antidepressant) 12. append- to hang something: (appendicular)
13. -ase enzyme: (amylase, lipase, carboxypeptidase)
14. aud- hear: (auditory)
15. aug- increase: (augmentation)
16. auto- self: (autoimmune disorder)
17. bi- two: (bicuspid valve, bipolar disorder, bisexual) 18. -blast budding: (osteoblasts, blastocyst)
19. brady- slow: (bradycardia)
20. bronch windpipe: (bronchus)
21. carcin cancer: (carcinoma, carcinogen)
22. cardi heart: (pericardium, cardiac)
23. carp wrist: (carpals)
24. -centesis surgical puncture :(amniocentesis, thoracentesis) 25. cephal- head: (cephalic artery)
26. -cidal killing : (gemacidal)
27. -clast broken: (osteoclasts)
28. cleav to divide: (cleavage)
29. contra- against: (contraceptive device, contralateral) 30. corpus – body: (corpus callosum)
31. cut- skin: (subcutaneous)
32. cyst- bladder : (cystoscopy)
33. cyt- cell: (cytology)
34. -cyte cell: (osteocyte, leukocyte, erythrocyte)
35. dendr- tree: (dendrite)
36. dent- tooth: (dentist, dentition)
37. derm- skin: (dermis)
38. di- two: (disaccharide)
39. diastol- dilation: (diastole, diastolic)
40. dis-to undo; free from: (dislocation, disorder)
41. dors- back: (dorsal)
42. dur- hard: (dura mater)
43. ecto- outside: (ectopic pregnancy)
44. -ectomy excision or surgical removal: (appendectomy, hysterectomy) 45. embol- stopper: (embolism)
46. -emia blood condition, something in the blood: (hypercholesterolemia) 47. encephal- brain: (encephalitis, encephalogram)
48. endo- within: (endoplasmic reticulum, endoderm)
49. enter- intestines: (enterococcal infection)
50. epi-upon: (epithelial tissue, epicardium, epidermal)
51. erythr- red: (erythrocyte)
52. exo-outside: (exocrine gland, exoskeleton)
53. extra- outside: (extracellular)
54. fiss- split: (fissure)
55. flex- bend: (flexors)
56. fol- leaf: (folate, folic acid)
57. gangli- a swelling: (ganglion)
58. gastr- stomach: (gastric gland, gastroscopy)
59. -gen substances that produce or cause: (carcinogen, antigen) 60. -genic producing or causing: (carcinogenic)
61. germ- to bud or sprout: (germinal epithelium)
62. gest- carry: (gestational)
63. -glia glue: (neuroglia)
64. glomer- cluster: (glomerulus)
65. glot- language: (glottis, epiglottis)
66. glyc-sweet: (glycogen, glycoprotein)
67. gno- know: (diagnosis)
68. -gram something written: (echocardiogram)
69. gust- taste (gustatory nerve)
70. gyn- woman: (gynecologist)
71. hema- blood: (hematoma)
72. hepat- liver: (hepatic duct, hepatitis, hepatocyte)
73. homeo- same: (homeostasis)
74. humor- fluid: (humoral, aqueous humor)
75. hydr- water: (hydrostatic pressure, hydrocephaly)
76. hyper- above: (hypertonic)
77. hypo- below: (hypotonic)
78. hyster- uterus: (hysterectomy)
79. -ia condition of diseased or abnormal state: (ischemia) 80. im-not: (imbalance, impotence)
81. infra- under; below: (infraorbital foramen)
82. inter- between: (interphase, intercostal muscle)
83. intra- inside: (intramembranous ossification, intracellular fluid) 84. -ism state of: (hyperthyroidism)
85. iso-equal: (isotonic, isometric)
86. -itis inflammation: (myocarditis)
87. kal– potassium:...
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