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125 test 1A
Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. The breastbone is _____ to the vertebral column.
A. anterior
B. posterior
C. superior
D. inferior
E. medial

2. The brain and the spinal cord are protected by
A. a parietal layer.
B. a visceral layer.
C. mucous membranes.
D. serous membranes.
E. the meninges.

3. The system that exchanges carbon dioxide and oxygen and helps in speech is the _____ system, whereas the system that transports oxygen and carbon dioxide is the ______ system. A. respiratory; urinary

B. circulatory; digestive
C. respiratory; digestive
D. circulatory; urinary
E. respiratory; circulatory

4. The _______ cavity contains the lungs, which are enfolded in the _____. A. thoracic; pleurae
B. thoracic; pericardium
C. thoracic; peritoneum
D. abdominopelvic; peritoneum
E. abdominopelvic; pleurae

5. The lumbar vertebrae are __________ to the thoracic vertebrae. A. anterior
B. superior
C. cephalic
D. posterior
E. inferior

6. The ______ wraps around stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. A. pleura
B. pericardium
C. meninges
D. visceral peritoneum
E. parietal peritoneum

7. The backbone encloses the
A. thoracic cavity.
B. abdominal cavity.
C. pelvic cavity.
D. vertebral canal.
E. cranial cavity.

8. This system stores 99% of your calcium and is critical for blood cell formation. A. circulatory system
B. skeletal system
C. excretory system
D. muscular system
E. endocrine system

9. This system regulates blood volume and pressure, stimulates red blood cell formation, and controls fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance. A. urinary system
B. reproductive system
C. digestive system
D. muscular system
E. circulatory system

10. The thoracic cavity and abdominopelvic cavity are lined by A. an endothelium.
B. the mediastinum.
C. meninges.
D. serous membranes.
E. mucous membranes.

11. The most superficial membrane of the heart is called
A. parietal peritoneum.
B. visceral peritoneum.
C. parietal pericardium.
D. visceral pericardium.
E. parietal pleura.

12. The _____ region of the left lower limb is proximal to the _____ region of the same limb. A. carpal; manual
B. femoral; crural
C. antebrachial; brachial
D. tarsal; crural
E. brachial; femoral

13. In the appendicular region, the wrist is called the _____ region, and the ankle is called the ___________ region. A. manual; pedal
B. brachial; crural
C. crural; antebrachial
D. carpal; tarsal
E. metacarpal; metatarsal

14. The superolateral regions of the abdomen are called the _________ regions. A. epigastric
B. inguinal
C. hypochondriac
D. hypogastric
E. lateral abdominal

15. This system provides protection, water retention, thermoregulation, and vitamin D production. A. lymphatic system
B. muscular system
C. skeletal system
D. integumentary system
E. excretory system

16. This system breaks down food and absorbs nutrients.
A. digestive
B. urinary
C. reproductive
D. circulatory
E. lymphatic

17. The image of a typical chest X-ray shows a _____ view of the thoracic region. A. sagittal
B. frontal
C. transverse
D. oblique
E. lateral

18. The stomach is located mainly in which quadrant of the abdomen? A. right upper quadrant (RUQ)
B. right lower quadrant (RLQ)
C. left upper quadrant (LUQ)
D. left lower quadrant (LLQ)
E. left middle quadrant (LMQ)

19. The abdominopelvic cavity contains a moist serous membrane called the A. peritoneum.
B. pleura.
C. pericardium.
D. mediastinum.
E. meninges.

20. Which one of the following is NOT in the correct anatomical position? A. arms at sides
B. standing erect
C. face and eyes facing forward
D. feet flat on the floor
E. palms facing posteriorly

21. The most superficial wall of the pleural cavity is lined by the _____, whereas the outer surface of the lungs is covered by _____. A. mesothelium; endothelium
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