Anatomy Option 2

Topics: Health care, Insurance, Managed care Pages: 6 (738 words) Published: October 10, 2012
1. Question : The increased demand for medical billers, medical office assistants, and medical coders can be attributed to:

Student Answer: Physicians having more responsibility for filing claims Untimely claims payments that result in financial difficulty More patients using managed care
All of the above


2. Question : All of the following changes were a result of managed care except

Student Answer: Physicians having more responsibility for filing claims Physicians having to wait 30 days or longer for payment Patients having to pay for services when rendered
Physicians having to add to their staff


3. Question : A candidate for Certified Medical Billing Specialist (CMBS) certification is motivated to:

Student Answer: Assist providers in maximizing reimbursement through proper coding Improve his/her medical billing knowledge
Develop new skills in proper documentation
All of the above


4. Question : The Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) certification proves proficiency in all of the following except:

Student Answer: ICD-9-CM, CPT®, and HCPCS concepts
Computer literacy, business communication, and insurance Data quality and skills in medical coding
Accurate patient record maintenance, management and analysis


5. Question : The Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification is awarded through the :

Student Answer: American Academy of Professional Coders National Healthcare Association
National Center for Competency Testing
American Health Information Management Association


6. Question : The Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) certification is awarded through the:

Student Answer: National Healthcare Association
American Health Information Management Association
American Academy of Professional Coders
National Center for Competency Testing


7. Question : Managed care systems ensure the delivery of high-quality care while managing costs through:

Student Answer: Networks of providers
Increased premiums
Discounted fees
Both A and C


8. Question : Utilization guidelines are used to:

Student Answer: Determine if an employee is covered under the plan Provide physician offices with more paperwork
Determine if the provider is in the network
Determine if services are medically necessary


9. Question : Types of managed care plans are:

Student Answer: HMO, PPO, and POS
HMO, and PPO only
HMO only
PPO, POS, and indemnity


10. Question : The fixed dollar amount a member pays at each office visit or hospital encounter is called:

Student Answer: Coinsurance


11. Question : The most restrictive type of managed care plan is:

Student Answer: EPO


12. Question : Examples of individuals who would qualify for COBRA include:

Student Answer: Employees who are laid off from their jobs Children who are no longer full-time students
Employees who quit their jobs
All of the above


13. Question : An insurance identification card usually includes all of the following information except:

Student Answer: Subscriber's name
Name of the insurance policy
Detailed benefit information
Insurance policy number


14. Question :...
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