Anatomy Integumentary System Terms and Definitions

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 4 pages 76-90

Integumentary System


1.)Integument: Is another name for skin, and the skin itself is the principal organ of the Integumentary system.

2.)Membranes: Thin layer or sheet-like structures that have many important functions in the body.

3.)Epithelial Membranes: One of the two major category types of membranes in the body. Epithelial Membranes are composed of epithelial tissue and an underlying layer of specialized connective tissue.

4.)Connective Tissue Membranes: The second of the two major category types of membranes in the body. Connective Tissue Membranes are composed of various types of connective tissue; no epithelial cells are present in this type of membrane.

5.) Cutaneous Membrane: One of the three types of epithelial membranes. Cutaneous Membrane, also known as skin, is the primary organ of the Integumentary system.

6.) Serous Membrane: Another of the three types of epithelial membranes. Serous Membrane is composed of two distinct layers of tissue. It’s sole purpose is to line the body cavities and cover the surface of organs.

7.) Basement Membrane: The basement membrane is the connective tissue layer of the serous membrane that holds and supports the epithelial cells.

8.) Pleura: The Pleura is the name of the membrane inside the thoracic cavity.

9.)Peritoneum: The membrane located inside the abdominal cavity.

10.)Viscera: The serous membrane that line the organs.

11.) Visceral Pleura: Lines the organs in the thoracic cavity.

12.) Parietal pleura: Lines the walls of the thoracic cavity.

13.) Visceral peritoneum: Covers the surface of the organs in the abdominal cavity.

14.) Parietal peritoneum: Lines the walls of the abdominal cavity.

15.)Pleurisy: A pathological condition characterized by inflammation of the serous membranes (pleura) that line the chest cavity and cover the lungs.

16.) Peritonitis: Inflammation of the serous membranes in the...