Anatomy 2320 Syllabus

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Instructor:| Grant I. Wilson|
Phone| Office: 1-800-738-0210 ext 308Cell: 435-773-0490| Email:|, blackboard, facebook|
Text:| Human Anatomy by McKinley and O’Loughin|
Supplemental materials:| Labs, Course Objectives, and slides, and Lecture notes will be posted on Blackboard and should be downloaded by students| Student Fees: | $50, Lab supplies and materials|

Course Objectives:
The goal of this course is to help you better understand the anatomical world around you. This goal will be accomplished through four means. 1. Learning to think and analyze logically
2. Explaining important anatomical concepts and terms
3. Discussing important issues and clinical aspects of anatomy 4. Applying knowledge of anatomy to your life
Grades are a reflection (however inadequate) of how well course objectives are met. The following is how grades will be assigned in this course. * Lab Points= 200
* Tests Points= 400
* Final Points= 200
Grades will be determined according to the following scale:
94-100 | A|
90-93 | A –|
88-90 | B+|
84-87 | B|
80-83 | B-|
78-80 | C+|
74-77 | C|
70-73 | C-|
68-70 | D+|
60-67 | D|
Below 60 | F|

Remember that Lab is worth a quarter of your grade.
Be certain you come to lab; there will be a short set of questions that will be turned in at the end of each lab. Your attendance and these questions will be worth 5 points per lab, accounting for 50 points of your lab score. There will be three lab quizzes, worth 50 points each. Dates for these will be on the lab schedule. Plan your schedule around these dates. Lab requires working with preserved specimens. Any issues you may have with this need to be addressed immediately. Work closely with your lab specialist. Your lab specialist is the person who is going to get your through lab. In all issues dealing with lab I defer to them, and how they organize, structure or arrange lab is their prerogative. Your lab specialist will give you contact information for them, hours that they will be available to help you, and arrange for tutoring/open lab times. Tests:

Tests will be given during regular class time. They will consist of 50 questions, multiple choice and/or short answer. Study hard for your tests! There is a lot of information to be learned with this course, and tests will require a thorough knowledge of the material. Be certain to read the clinical view associated with each section. Every test question is based on the objectives for each segment of the course. Objectives are posted on blackboard. Be sure to know and be able to produce an answer to each objective. This is the best way to do well on your tests. Test dates are outlined on the lab schedule. Plan to be in class an ready to take the test on the day indicated. All late tests will be penalized 25 points. There are no exceptions to this policy. Schedule other activities around these test dates. A separate paper on this policy is included in the course information on blackboard. Weekly Roll:

I will take roll weekly. This is to help acquaint me with you and so that I can learn your names. You will not be graded on attendance, but it is to your advantage for me to get to know you. It is my objective to visit all that sites to which this course is being delivered. I look forward to getting to know you. Review Session/Tutoring:

Review sessions and tutoring are available. Contact your local site coordinator for times. I am available whenever I am not teaching class to answer your questions and help you with this class. I want to answer your questions and help you understand the material. Although it is not feasible for me to be physically at your location all the time, I can be contacted via the phone numbers or emails on this syllabus and am happy to talk with...
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