“Analytical Summary”

Topics: Wildlife, The Animals, Government Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Professor Lyon
28 November 2009
Soc 101



1) What are the goals of the agency/program? How are they meeting a community need? ·The goals of the wildlife animal center are to protect, preserve and treat injured animals. The objectives of their program is to help our wildlife survive and to provide a benefit to the endangered wildlife such as animals.

2) How is this program funded?
·I am actually not entirely sure how this organization is funded. It is mainly volunteer based that is, as far as i know, nonprofit. I think that this organization is funded by sponsorship and donations.

II. Evaluation

1) What connections did you make between the course and the relevance to your service? ·I have definitely made connections with other wild life centers and those connections branched out to the phoenix connections of the organization. I have also made connections with in the group that i was working with that consisted of my fellow students from Paradise Valley Community College and lots of other people who were very nice to be around and they were mostly responsible and helpful to others around them.

2) About the experience of working in a community setting?
·I really enjoyed working with this particular community. Well, actually i enjoyed the fact that this particular community happened to be a bunch of High School and College students that just met working together, and in my case Saghar and me worked together which made it so much more easier to learn since we could ask each other questions and we could help each other finish our projects done faster. Not only that, but it was really nice to see other people in the community come out to work with wildlife center organization. There were several people who came from other sites close to us and they helped us with different projects, but mostly construction work.

3) About yourself-your own strengths and limitations; about how this experience affected...
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