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Analysis of World History

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Analysis of World History

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Should the US be militarily involved abroad?

Heather Dodson

Period. 5


Ap World

Background: Should the United States be militarily involved abroad? The United States has a long history of military intervention in other countries primarily starting around the turn of the 19th century, the first conflict being the Barbary War, Spanish American War, followed by World War I, World War II, The Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Afghani War, and the Iraq War. The Barbary War involved North African pirates that were raiding US vessels and the United States retaliated by invading several cities along the coast in order to wipe out the base of pirate attacks. The Spanish American War was a war between Spanish possessions in the Philippines and other small islands in the Pacific and a US conquering force, resulting in the US possession of many islands in the Pacific. World War 1 was supposedly the result of the German attack on the US passenger ship the Luisitania, and the Zimmerman letter that was an intercepted message to Mexico from Germany stating that if Mexico allied with Germany against the US, Germany would come to its aid; this all ended in the complete humiliation and subjugation of Germany and its allies, destroying and draining their economy, as well as the deaths of millions. World War 2 was perhaps a direct result of World War 1, as the crumbled and destroyed German economy and political process was desperately looking for a savior, whom they found in the radical and hyper aggressive Adolf Hitler, who instigated conflicts against practically every neighbor; the US was brought into this war by the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and the close ties between Roosevelt and Churchill¸ this resulted in the annihilation of the German army, the end of the holocaust, and the defeat of Japan, the US and the other allied nations helped aid these countries via the Marshall Plan, designed to rebuild the economies...

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