Analysis of the British Petroleum (Bp) Industry Environment

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  • Published : August 5, 2012
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Analysis of the British Petroleum (BP ) industry environment

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BP Petroleum operates in different countries . It faces many threats according to Porter 's

Five Forces Model . The threats according to Porter comes from suppliers bargaining power , buyers bargaining power , threat of substitutes , threat of new entrants in the market

and threat of competition . These forces vary in its power and depend in different time periods for the same industry and the significant forces and its type differ for different

Industry . There fore a particular company must identify the significant threat in the near future and concentrate on that threat and devote energy and resources and combat it or leave the industry and embark on industries where these threats are minimal or given its strengths it can be able to withstand the treats posed by these five forces

Analysis of the threat of new entrants to BP or Petroleum Industry

According to porter the key barriers to entry are economies of scale capital expenditure requirements , customer switching costs , access to industry distribution channels , and the threat of retaliation by the existing Industry players . Considering these factors for the Petroleum Industry the economies of scale is very high because of its capital-intensive nature of operations there fore new entrants face economies of scale as a barrier to entry in to Petroleum industry . As explained above the capital expenditure requirements are very high there fore it is a key barrier to entry on this ground . As well very few multinational companies such as Shell control the market and Mobil the new entrants face sever threat of retaliation . The switching costs and access to industry distribution channels may be lesser barrier than the other barriers of entry . However the other Page : 2

barriers are so powerful compared to the switching cost and access to distribution channels the new entrants to Petroleum...