Analysis of Godfather Death

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Analysis of “Godfather Death”

“Godfather Death” as told by Margaret Taylor is a short story about how fate is predetermined, and cannot be interfered with without consequences to another.

Characters: Man, God, Devil, Death, Boy/Physician, King, Kings Daughter.
Setting: The Great Highway, Forest, Kings Castle, Underground Cave
Time: Lifespan of Boy
Plot: (4 Parts)
A Man recently has his thirteenth child and goes in search of a godfather. He first comes across God, who promises to keep his son happy. The man denies God because he believes him to be unfair. He then comes across the Devil, who promises to bring his son joy and riches, but the man is aware of his corruptions and finds him unsuitable as well. Lastly, the man is approached by Death. Death declares that he makes all men equal, and can make his son rich and famous. The Man takes Death as his sons’ godfather.

After the Boy had grown Death, brought him to a forest to give him a gift. He told the Boy that he would become a famous physician, but only with his help. He told him he would appear at either the head or foot of the patients’ bed to indicate whether they were to die or to be healed of all ailments with a special plant found in the forest. Then Death warned the boy not to disobey his orders, or death would be his own fate.

The Boy became the most famous physician in the world and was sent for when the King fell ill. Death stood by the Kings feet to indicate he should die but the Physician disobeyed his orders and saved the King with the plant. Death was terribly angered by this and later approached him to scorn his actions and threaten his life if he again disobeyed him. The Kings Daughter then became sick. The Physician was called and found her beauty so intriguing that he again disobeyed his godfather to save her. Death grabbed the Physician, screaming that he had had enough of him, and dragged him underground. There were thousands of candles...
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