An Explanation on Culinary Arts

Topics: Cooking, Sushi, Vinegar Pages: 4 (892 words) Published: February 17, 2013
(Per Group)


1. Hard Bound (Dark Green): Font Color: Gold
2. Short Bond paper (Colored Pictures)
3. Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12
4. Page Number: Lower Right
5. Margin: Top, Right, Bottom: 0.75, Left 1.5


I. Recipe Portfolio with Pictures
(Note: 1 page for every recipe)
a. Prelim
1. Basic Cuts and slices (12 kinds)
2. Stock: Brown, White
3. Sauces: Espagnole, Bechamel, Hollandaise, Veloute, Tomato 4. Soup: Cream of Mushroom Soup , French onion soup, Hot and Sour Soup, b. Midterm
1. Starch: Rice Pilaf, baked potato, Mashed Potato, , spaghetti 2. Vegetables: Ratatouille, Vegetable Tempura
3. Salad: Green salad: garden and Ceasar
4. Salad Dressing: Vinaigrette, Mayonnaise
5. Sandwiches: Monte Cristo and Club house
6. Egg Cookery: Sunny Side up, Omelette, scrambled
7. Poultry: Roast chicken
8. Seafood Cookery: Seafood Vongole and Salmon en Papillote 9. Beef Cookery: Filet Mignon
10. Pork Cookery: Roast pork with raisin stuffing and Breaded Pork (wiener schnitzel) 11. Hors d’ oeuvre: Baked Mussel ( add more recipe in Hor d’ oeuvre, you may research) c. Finals
1. Bars: Cappuccino bars and Fudge Brownies
2. Cookies: Choco Chip Cookies
3. Bread: Sweet Roll (Bread Roll, Cheese Roll, Ensaymada, Pan de sal), Pan Pizza 4. Cold desserts: Chocolate Mousse and Panna Cotta
5. Quick bread: Banana Muffin
6. Cakes: Carrot cake, Choco Chiffon Cake, Nelusko Cake, Black forest cake II. Documentary Pictures
(Note: 2 pages each period, 4-6 pictures with captions per page) 1. Prelim Period
2. Midterm Period
3. Final Period
III. Student Learning Outcomes
(Note: 1 Page Per student with Student’s Picture in CHEF UNIFORM, 3 Paragraphs: One Paragraph per question, at least 10 sentences per...
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