An Essay on Characteristics of Non Residential Landuses in Model Town, Ludhiana

Topics: Storey, Basement, Floor Pages: 4 (1347 words) Published: February 18, 2013
The study deals with a geographical study of Non-residential landuses in Model Town in Ludhiana. The topic broadly falls under Urban Geography branch of geography. It attempts to understand the type and location of non-residential landuses along with their various attributes. It also tries to study the evolution of these landuses. The study has been carried out with a view of fulfilling the following objectives: To study the present landuse pattern in Model Town in the city of Ludhiana. To study the types and location of non residential landuses in the study area. To study the various attributes of non residential landuses in the study area including their evolution. The following methodologies have been used and data sources have been collected for doing the study: The present study is based on both primary and secondary sources of information. The primary relates to collection of first hand information through field investigations, filling of questionnaires, interviews etc, whereas the secondary relates to the information available from govt. agencies or in any other published form. Primary Data: Primary data concerning the type, location, evolution etc. of non-residential landuses was collected through field observations and questionnaire method. Secondary Data: Secondary data was collected from the town and Country Planning department of Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana. It consisted of data regarding the area of the colony, plot size and the map of Model Town. The data collected is analysed using the tabulation techniques. Both master table listing all attributes and units and summary tables of aggregate and individual aspects are prepared. Various cartographic techniques such as maps, graphs and pie charts are used for representing the data. Model town on which the present study has been carried out is situated in the Ludhiana city. It is nearly in the centre...
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