An Attempt to Infinite in Baroque Art

Topics: Universe, Time, Light Pages: 2 (328 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Pietro do cortona Triumph of Divine Providence. Fresco painted on the celling of a catholic church. central field of the ceiling apparently open to the sky, creating the illusion that the space is continuing up. And those figures are stepping out of their frames and into the architecture, pulling the viewer into the infinite and eternal heaven.

This kind of vigorous special shift
And Continuous, unbroken expanse of the material universe
are creating that sense of infinite prolongation, the sense of endless here.

Now look at luminous sky, heavenly glory.
this shows another important aspect of baroque art’s infinity, that light acting a symbol of infinity

Vermeer’s geographer

Looking the sunny daylight is coming from the window, naturally illuminating everything, showing the rich and different textxure and Chiaroscuro

,So the light acting as an external agency, fusing everything , connecting the space outside of the window, and the domestic interior. And the light is continuous, so it give us a sense of the boundless spatial expanse And here come the sense of infinity.

Notice this kind eternity is conveyed by light & space working together.

Infinity is symbolized by Time illustrating a Mythology subject. In fact winged old man is time himself in mythology
Background, Aurora, Goddess of dawn, she is approaching Apollo, god of sun, who is pursuing his sunny course throughout the sky. This is a mythological or metaphorical way to illustrate endless cycle of day and light, the infinite revolution of time. Those four figures in the front, Luxury wealth poverty industry representatives of human existence dancing in circling way, implying never ending time.

The whole picture is about sense of endless time and infinity.

Noticing: two previous symbols of infinity
Horizon of the landscape expanding, creating a deepening and sweeping space. Look at the light around aurora, this kind of heavenly glory is definetly an infinite symbol....
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