American Revolution & Events That Coincided with It

Topics: French Revolution, Age of Enlightenment, Louis XVI of France Pages: 7 (1339 words) Published: January 15, 2013
World Events that Coincided with the American Revolution (1750-1800)


The Mid to Late 18th Century is the period in time remembered for the reversal of great world powers and new age of revolution. Many works of fine art were produced during this time, along with a renewed interest in philosophy. Inspirational music, literature, portraits, sculptors and architecture flourished with the ideal of the past influencing the minds of the people. For this inception of ideas, this period in history is considered the age of Enlightenment. The Neoclassical art movement blossomed in Europe and the effect of this era continues to impact contemporary society today.


The Classical era in music is often identified as being from the years 1750-1800 (more often classified by historians as spanning between 1800-1827), but its origins can be traced to the early part of the century.

Classicism refers to the aesthetic attitudes and principles manifested in the art, architecture, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome and characterized by emphasis on form, simplicity, proportion, and restraint - this influence is clearly seen in the architecture of the time - the American White House is an excellent example. The Musical Public

* Economic equality amongst the classes begins to emerge
* Prosperous middle class, but poor still stay poor, and rich still stay really rich * Pre-1700's
* concerts in the salon and aristocratic court
* rich learn to play instruments and sing
* professional composers and musicians are servants to the rich * Post-1720
* first public concerts are given with the intention "to educate the middle class" - common in London, Prague Vienna and Paris * Handel's Oratorios were the beginning of public concerts in the Baroque era-vocal pieces set with a story that the average person knows and can identify with * Instrumental instruction is more available to the middle class * increasing numbers of teachers, students, production of instruments and music publishing * Composers and musicians begin to free themselves from the patronage of the rich * teach, perform, travel, sell music

* Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven do this in their individual ways * (Haydn was in the service of a wealthy prince for most of his life, but in his later years became independent, living off the sale of his music, traveling, and being in control of his finances) * Music becomes more accessible to the public, easier to listen to and to play

Many social and political changes in the 18th century
* Death of Louis XIV of France in 1715
* Louis XIV (France's so called "Sun King') had the longest reign in European history (1643-1715) * During his reign he:
* brought absolute monarchy to its zenith
* established a extravagant court at Versailles
* engaged most of the other European countries in four wars * The century ended with modern history's most important revolutions in modern times: * American War of Independance (1775-83)

* French Revolution (1789-94)
Age of Enlightenment (Age of Reason)
* A philosophical movement lead by French philosophers Voltaire and Jean Jacques Rousseau * A movement set to apply the principles of social objectivity to issues of social justice * The overall ideals had the tended to favor:

* the human over the divine
* reason over religion
* clarity over complexity

* Rousseau postulated that man is born good, only to be corrupted by society * The Enlightenment movement attempted to break down the barriers of the rigid class structure that caused: * social separation between the classes

* improve education
* eliminate superstition and prejudice
* Increasing scientific knowledge of the time gave rise to the development of empiricist (that which derives...
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