American Pageant 13th Edition Ch.18

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  • Published : December 9, 2011
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|What were the advantages and |Popular sovereignty meant that the sovereign people of a territory should determine the statues of | |disadvantages of popular |slavery.   It was popular with politicians because it was a comfortable compromise between the | |sovereignty? |abolitionists and the slaver-holders. | |Why was the Free-Soil party |The Free Soil Party emerged.  It was formed by antislavery men of the North, who didn't trust Cass or | |formed? Was it important? |Taylor. | |Explain. | | |Did the California Gold Rush make|Yes, The rush of people in search of gold in California brought much violence and disease that the | |people rich? Explain. |small government in California couldn't handle.  | |"The South was in a politically |In 1850, southerners were demanding a new and strict fugitive-slave law.  (The old fugitive-slave law | |weak position in the 1850's." |passed by Congress in 1793 was very weak.)  The slave owners rested their argument on the Constitution,| |Assess this statement. |which protected slavery. | |Twilight of the Senatorial Giants| | |What effect did Webster's speech |Daniel Webster proposed that all reasonable compromises should be made with the South and that a new | |have? |fugitive-slave law be formed.  Although, he was against slavery and he supported Wilmot Proviso, | |...
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