Alzheimers Assignment

Topics: Cerebrum, Alzheimer's disease, Human brain Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Alzheimer’s Assignment

1) Hypothesize the ways in which damage to various parts of the brain might affect a person’s behavior and abilities. Answer: If you have an accident for instance and you damage your head you might have altered sleep habits all the way to coma. Frontal lobe- you might have problem solving difficulties for instance. Parietal lobe- might cause eye hand coordination problems

Occipital lobe- might cause defects in vision
Temporal lobe- might have problems hearing
Brain stem- might affect levels of alertness
Cerebellum- might affect your ability to coordinate fine movements

a) What specific damage does Alzheimer’s disease cause to the brain and its neuron’s? Answer: It form plaques one called beta-amyloid that is a form of protein and it causes deposits between the neurons (brain cells) and causes a lack of communication between the cells. There is also another protein called “Tau” that causes “Tangles” which are twisted fibers of protein. This protein builds up inside the cells and blocks the cells from working together. This is what they believe anyway that is the cause of Alzheimer’s but they are not exactly sure.

b) How are specific parts of the neurons, and their connections, affected by Alzheimer’s? Answer: It destroys the cells and kills them, resulting in memory failure, personality changes and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

c) How does this damage progress over time?
Answer: Eventually these are the problems
Memory disrupts daily living
They can’t plan or solve problems
Can’t complete tasks
Confusion with time or place
Changes in mood and personality
With draw from social activities
Trouble with visual images
Problems speaking and writing
Misplace things
Memory problems (people, place, things)
Word Aphasia
Poor judgment and can’t make decision
Unable to do mathematics or accounting
d) How does this damage show up in the individual’s memory and behavior? Answer: At first it is...
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