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Topics: Context menu, Medical history, Prescription drug Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Patient Visit
1. Log into AllScripts and Select Site
2. View Daily Schedule for Patients that have Status “Nurse/MOAReady” 3. Room Patient
4. In Exam Room, Log into AllScripts, Select Site, and Click Daily Schedule tab. 5. Double Click Patient to open Clinical Desktop
6. Change Patient Location to Exam Room #
7. Reconcile Meds and Allergies
8. Start Visit Note
9. Enter Vitals
10. Add Chief complaint and/or Reason for Visit
11. Add Past Medical History
12. Add Past Surgical History
13. Add Family History
14. Add Social History
15. Commit
16. Save and Close the Note
17. Change Patient Status to “Provider Ready”
18. Log out of AllScripts
1. Select Task List tab
2. Click New
3. Select Concerning or Not about Patient
4. Select Task type
5. Assign to User or team
6. Set Overdue date(if needed)
7. Check Notify when task complete(if needed)
8. Click OK
Renew Medication
1. From the Clinical Desktop View, Meds component, select the Current Medications view. 2. Right-click on the medication you want to renew.
3. Select Renew with Changes from the right-click context menu. 4. Verify the action is Send to Retail and the Pharmacy is correct. Select a different action when appropriate (Call Rx, Print Rx, Send to Mail Order). 5. Add the appropriate information to the annotation field in the Medication Details page. 6. Click Save and Close ACI.

7. Click Commit.
Record Immunzation Admin
1. From the Chart menu, click the Task List horizontal toolbar item. 2. Select a task view that includes the Immunization Admin tasks. Select the Immunization View, sort by Patient or Assigned To. 3. Double-click the Immunization Admin task.

4. Enter in the following required fields: Dose, Route, Site, Admin By, Date/Time, Manufacturer, Lot, Expiration, Consent Obtained check box, Yes option button for VIS provided with this administration, VIS...
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