Alice in Wonderland - Summary by Paragraphs

Topics: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll characters Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Chapter 1. Down the rabbit hole
Alice sits impatiently by her sister who’s reading a book. She is distracted by a white rabbit taking out a watch out of his coat pocket and runs down into a rabbit hole after him, falls for some time into a deep well, wakes up later in a small room. She finds doors, but the key is too small. She finds a small door, unlocks it with the key, but she’s too large to fit in it. If only she could shot up like a telescope. She turns and finds a bottle on which is says Drink me, beautifully printed letters. She drinks it, gets really small, but then she’s forgotten the key to open the door and can’t get out. Starts crying, finds cake “eat me”, eats it.

Chapter 2. The pool of tears
But Alice grows too much. The rabbit is frightened by her and leaves his gloves and fan next to her, then runs away. Alice starts crying and puts on one of the rabbit’s gloves, takes the fan and notices she’s chin deep in the water – she had shrunk. She starts crying again, when she sees a little mouse swimming next to her. She scares him by talking about Dinah and her dog, who both catch and kill mice. She almost scares the mouse away, but starts swimming along his side towards safety.

Chapter 3. A caucus race and a Long tale
Alice gets to the bank and meets birds and other animals of the land. They are all wet, and so one of them suggests they to a Caucus race, which is run in a circle until they’re all dry. Alice gives everybody comfits and the mouse offers her a thimble – it was her own; in a very solemn manner. The mouse starts saying why he hates cats and dogs – but if offended by Alice who was not paying attention. Alice starts talking about Dinah and her dog and is left consequently alone.

Chapter 4. The rabbit sends in a little bill
But the white rabbit comes again – and confuses her for his housemaid. He orders her to fetch him his gloves and fan. And alice does so, goes into his house, takes a pair of his gloves and a fan and when...
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