Alice in Wonderland Reading Log

Topics: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Red Queen, Queen of Hearts Pages: 6 (2316 words) Published: February 18, 2013
What is significant about the title?
The original title of this novel being Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, provides an episodic of short stories of her adventures instead of just one long adventure throughout the novel. This holds up throughout the novel as each chapter is usually a different adventure or “story”. The title can also foreshadow that the novel will not take place in normal reality and in fact in “Wonderland” although Alice never does find out the true name of the world she dreamt of. The word “Wonderland” only appears until the last two pages of the novel when Alice's sister reflects on Alice's dream. 2. What are the conflicts in Alice in Wonderland? What types of conflict (physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional)? The most prominent intellectual conflict in Alice in Wonderland is her ability to make sense of the nonsensical world she is in. She often has a struggle interacting with the other characters as shown from the beginning when she is talking to the mouse and the birds. She mistakenly brings up her cat which leads the other animals to run off. Throughout the book Alice faces a moral conflict as she tries to interact with each character in a normal manner instead of embracing the madness and going along with it. Another easy conflict to detect is her physical conflict with The Red Queen as she wants to execute Alice. Alice faces a moral conflict while dealing with The Red Queen when she points out that flamingos are not a fair way to play crotchet. 3. What are some themes in the story?

The main theme I found throughout the book was meaning. Alice always has to question meaning. The strange world of Wonderland does not often have meaning so the consequences that follow meaningless actions prevents Alice from understanding the values in Wonderland. The beginning and end show a good example of the contrast as everyone is a winner of the caucus race and no one besides The Red Queen is a winner. This can applied to real life as often times everyone over or under analyse a certain situation which leads to a downfall. In order to be safe, a certain measure of practicality needs to be accounted for. 4. What are some symbols in Alice in Wonderland?

Alice growing and shrinking can be a symbol of her age/mental growth as she finds herself in situations in which she needs to be more or less mature such as dealing with the mad hatter she can afford to be less mature and when in the presence of The Red Queen, she needs to be cautious of her actions. The Red Queen can be symbolic of the Queen of England considering Lewis Carroll's family was predominantly English. Her playing card henchmen can be the British Soldiers. Time is a constant symbol throughout the novel and can be shown through the Rabbit. He comes in and out of the novel and shows just how fast time goes when kept busy. The garden can be a symbolism for desire, as often times desires are the greatest battles for human beings. Alice never does reach the garden but remains a desire for hers that she never does reach. The setting of each chapters changes so frequently, symbolizing the mentality to move on. When life changes, the only way to succeed is to adjust and maintain composure.5. Is Alice consistent in her actions? Is she a fully developed character? How? Why? Alice is not a fully developed character because she is unable to accept life in Wonderland. She cries when things dont go work out, and continues to seek sense in man Wonderland. An example of this can be displayed through her interaction with the caterpillar when she tries to explain to him what is wrong, instead of trying to enjoy herself in Wonderland. She is not consistent in her actions. For example, she quickly listened to the rabbit and tried to help him find his gloves without asking a question. Then right after, she questions everything the caterpillar says. 6. Does Alice change and/or develop as a human being?

Alice changes with her confidence. In...
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