Akoy Isang Pinoy

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Monica Magee- female, 35 mother of Ashley and Amber
Ashley Taylor- female, 17
Amber Taylor- female, 13 baby of the family
Felicia- female, 36 good friend to Monica
Kathy- female, 20 Ashley’s best friend
Rev. E. Scott Sr.- male, early 60’s Pastor of the Church
Kathleen Scott- female, late 50’s First Lady of the Church Melissa Scott- female, 21 daughter of Rev. Sr.
Rev. Edward Scott Jr.- male, 28 the Pastor’s son
Kenneth Williams- male, 26 Musician of the church
Frank Smith- male, 22 an up coming Pastor
Mother Morris- female, 63 on the mother’s board
Sister Gilbert- female, 45 conceited, head of Usher Board
Girl 1- female, 18 fat and nosey, a member of the church
Girl 2- female, 14 Felicia’s daughter
The Setting

The action of the play takes place at Great Faith Baptist church and the building next door that Rev. E Scott Sr. owns. There are two floors to the building; the first floor has one apartment rented out by Frank, one beauty shop and a small office for Rev. E. Scott Jr. The top floor belongs to Rev. Scott Sr. Kenneth who is the musician for the church. Monica is the mother of Ashley and Amber, who’ve attended Great Faith Baptist faithfully for years. Kathy, a young woman dating Keisha’s younger brother Clifton.

Scene one

(The sun is shining through the church’s stained-glass windows. It is 11:00 in the morning, and the guest speaker has just finished his sermon. The congregation is riled-up. Rev. Scott Sr. approaches the podium.)

Rev. E. Scott Sr.: Hallelujah…Let the church say Amen! (Church says Amen with random claps) We thank you Brother Samuel for your words of wisdom and holy-ghost power! It is now time for our alter call. Let everyone stand and make their way to the alter. It is time to pray… (People moving around the church trying to make their way to the front. A few leave to go downstairs.) Let’s bow our heads…. (A group of girls run downstairs to use the vending machine. Ashley slowly walks down the stairs as Kenneth follows behind her. Kenneth gives Ashley a hug when they get to the bottom of the stairs.)

Kenneth: Hey, Ashley… Don’t you need to be in the church praying?

Ashley: (Startled) Ooh… you scared me…I prayed this morning. Why aren’t you in there?

Kenneth: I’m thirsty.

Ashley: (Very sassy) There’s a water fountain in the back of the church.

Kenneth: How old are you again? Cuz your mouth is a little to smart for me.

Ashley: Seventeen and my mouth is not smart…my brain is. (She leans over for some water.)

Kenneth:Well your brain must’ve forgot to remind you to wear a bra…

Ashley: Umm… No! This outfit doesn’t require a bra and your eyes don’t have a license for this chest, so why are you looking anyway?

Kenneth:Well, with the size of your breast you need on a bra… no matter what shirt you have on. It might stop people from lookin’ at you.

Ashley: Lookin at me… or my breast…

Kenneth:Both (He gives her a smile and touches her hand to show his interest.)

Ashley: Who told you you can touch my hand?

Kenneth:Oh, it was just a friendly touch to show…

Ashley: Show what? You have a woman… ain’t yall about to get married.

Kenneth:I’m not married yet! (The other girls come over.Kenneth quickly changes his tone.) A’ight y’all, it’s time to go back… Let’s go!

Ashley: They finished praying… (Looking over at Kenneth) but some of us need a little more prayer than others.

Kenneth:(He starts to use a more stricter tone) C’mon, let’s get back in there. As a matter of fact, I don’t know why I see the same people every week coming downstairs during prayer time. If I see yall down here next Sunday I’m gonna have a talk with all y’all parents. Do we understand each other?

(They all roll their eyes)

Girl 1:Yes, Brother Williams

Ashley:(Giggling softly) You can talk to my mama. (The group looks at her because she always speaks her mind.)...
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