Airasia Organizational Culture

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Airasia Organizational Culture
In Edgar Schein Theory, Organizational Culture can be identified through three distinct levels that is: 1. Artifacts that include any tangible, overt or verbally identifiable elements in an organization. In Airasia, their primary color is red which commonly associated with bravery and passion. Their new uniform resembles Pit Stop Girls for a racing team while the other one, a simple standard flight uniform in red, giving a relaxed sensation for weekend leisure travelers. Airasia also have a special policy for pregnant passengers and infants that would flight onboard. 2. Values that constitute the organization culture. In Airasia, they value into making a low-cost, long-haul segment while maintaining the quality of service of that in a high-class airline and providing high-frequency and point-to-point networks to the long-haul business. 3. The third is the assumed values of the employees which can’t be measured but do make a difference to the culture of the organization. In Airasia they provide a really good service and teamwork. Making a simple practices to services and giving help to customers in need. Deal and Kennedy created a model of culture that is based on 4 different types of organizations. They each focus on how quickly the organization receives feedback, the way members are rewarded, and the level of risks taken. Deal and Kennedy's Cultures that fits to airasia are: 1. Work-hard, play-hard culture. This has rapid feedback/reward and low risk Resulting in: Stress coming from quantity of work rather than uncertainty. High-speed action leading to high-speed recreation. Airasia low-fare cost and affordable tickets would likely to gain mass attraction from many people, resulting in high number of customers. They need to prepare any order received and special attention from the customers individually (foods, pregnant women, infants) 2. Bet-the-company culture. This has slow feedback/reward and high risk,...
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