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Part I:

1.1 Web Stationery
In our business we provided an online stationery business to consist selling and buying services. In our website user can found our product such as bag, paper accessories, office stationery, files and other product. In ours websaite, we has many button at navigation side such as home page button, categories page button, contact us page button, about us page button, sign in and logout button for user login, register and logout. At the home page, we consists the most popular product, new product and promotion packages, for product page when customer use the mouse arrow click the product button there will list out all the categories of stationeries lists. Contact us page include ours contact number of our manager, Facebook page is to sharing the information to other people with online communication, user can send us the comment to our business email address and the location address let user known our location. About us is talking about ours company the main why we create this website, why we has this company, what product we support to sells. If user wanted to order ours product may sign up to become ours member and login to ours company website. After that, user can order any product in ours company where we has providing that product. How does customer to choose product and order our product? Customer need to sign up to become our member to login and to choose product and order in our website. We need customer register account and need to login to order our product. After order, we will pop out a page to ask customer choose a bank to paid. We also will ask customer to write down their address. After that, our worker will send product to customer as soon as possible.

1.2 Project Objective

1.3 Target Users
Stationery Requisition System target users are students, office workers and educator. This system can let the target users more easily to manage their work. * Students (Primary school, Secondary school and High school students) Students is our target users because them using more stationeries for study and do their homework. We sell the product that more comfortable and cheaper for students such as writing instrument. Other example: art materials, files, paper products and etc. * Office workers (Business Company)

Office workers is our second target users because them using more A4 paper and machine ink for photocopy the file or document, we can a large number to buy into the product and give them discount or offer where the company more support our product. We will do the delivery for customers and deliver the product for them. * Educator (Lecturers, Teachers)

Educator is our third target users because they using marker pen for teaching, they also using more A4 paper and machine ink for photocopy the exam sheet. Our business will do some promotion where by customers buy out more ours product. * Wholesaler

Wholesaler is our target suppliers because they sell the cheaper and useful product for consumer, ours ordering and buying product is from them. We buying the cheaper, comfortable, convenience and useful product and sell it for our customers.

1.4 Project Scope
Our stationeries shop are not sells all of office stationeries we also sells some student stationeries for student to use it. We select some convenience and practical for our customer. Brand for officer we has Chenguang, Picasso, Sailor for student has Faber-Castell, MADEP. Customer can use credit card or cash money to pay their payment. Customer also can use online transfer payment to pay the product price. We support any bank from customer except overseas banks. We has delivery car and suppose help customer to delivery their product to their house. We delivery area are around Malaysia only and the customer must buying or order our product around RM 50. If customer ordering wrong product or need to change another product we allows customer to cancel their product and must...
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