Air Pollution: Vocabulary

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Chapter 17 Vocab

* Acid deposition- the settling of acidic or acid-forming pollutants from the atmosphere onto Earth’s surface. * Acid rain- Acid deposition that takes place through rain. * Aerosols- very fine liquid droplets or solid particles aloft in the atmosphere. * Air pollutant- gases and particulate material added to the atmosphere that can affect climate or harm people or other organisms. * Air pollution- the act of pollution the air, or the condition of being polluted by air pollutants. * Ambient air pollution- see outdoor pollution

* Atmospheric pressure- the weight per unit area produced by a column of air * Carbon monoxide- a colorless, odorless gas produced primarily by the incomplete combustion of fuel. * CFC’s- chlorofluorocarbon. One of a group of human-made organic compounds derived from simple hydrocarbons in which hydrogen atoms are replaced by chlorine, bromine, fluorine. * Clean Air Act of 1970- revision of prior congressional legislation to control air pollution that set stricter standards for air quality, imposed limits on emissions from new stationary and mobile sources, provided new funds for pollution-control research and enabled citizens to sue parties violating the standards. * Clean Air Act of 1990- congressional legislation that strengthened regulations pertaining to air quality standards, auto emissions, toxic air pollution, acid deposition, and depletion of the ozone layer, while also introducing market-based incentives to reduce pollution. * Cold front- the boundary where a mass of cold air displaces a mass of warmer air. * Convective circulation- a circular current driven by temperature differences * Coriolis effect-The observed effect of the Coriolis force, especially the deflection of an object moving above the earth, rightward in the northern hemisphere and leftward in the southern hemisphere. * Criteria pollutant- six air pollutants- carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen...
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