Air Pollution

Acid rain, Atmospheric methane, Clean Air Act (United States)

Chapters 17 and 18: Air Pollution and Global Climate Change

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1. Be familiar with material from all previous chapters.
2. How are primary and secondary pollutants different? Give an example of each. 3. What role is played by sunlight in the formation of photochemical smog? 4. What is the difference between natural sources of pollution and anthropogenic sources. Give an example of each. 5. Briefly explain why industrial smog has decreased in most developed countries. 6. Explain why temperature inversions occur frequently in Los Angeles. 7. Why is the city of Donora (Pa), infamous in the history of air pollution? 8. Describe the relationship that exists between the location of coal-buring power plants and the pH of precipitation in a given area. 9. At what level does the pH of soil and water become detrimental to the health of life forms. 10. What are some of the important indoor and outdoor pollutants. 11. What are some of the successes and failures of the various Clean Air Acts that have been passed in the United States?

Hippocampus You should watch and take notes on each of the following Hippocampus lessons.
The Atmosphere
- Earth’s Atmosphere
- Ozone
First Order Effects
- Ozone Destruction
- Methane Clathrates
- Climate Systems
Higher-Order Effects
- Global Warming
- Greenhouse Effects

Current Events Article: Read the assigned article (attached) . Hand write a summary (30-50 words) on the Current Events Summary Sheet (available from my web site). Bring both the article and your summary to class on the due date and be ready to discuss the important points/concepts/scientific...
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