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AGRICULTURE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE 1) Union Minister – Sh. Sharad Pawar 2) Minister of State – Prof. K.V. Thomas Ministry comprises of Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Department of Agricultural Research & Education, and Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying. There is one Technology Mission on Oil Seeds and Pulses (TMOP) & one Commission for Agricultural Cost & Prices (CACP) under the Department. The Secretary (A & C) is the administrative head of the Department and Principal Adviser to the Minister on all matters of policy and administration within the Department. The current Secretary is Sh. Prabeer Kumar Basu. INDIAN AGRICULTURAL SCENARIO The total geographical area of the country is 328.7 million hectares, of which 140.3 million hectares is the net sown area, while 193.7 million hectares is the gross cropped area. The gross and net irrigated area is 85.8 million hectares and 60.9 million hectares respectively, with a cropping intensity of 138 per cent.

ITEM Growth in GDP in Agriculture and Allied Sectors Agriculture 1 Forestry and Logging Fishing Share in GDP ‐ Agriculture and Allied Sectors Agriculture 2 Forestry and Logging Fishing Share in GCF ‐ Agriculture and Allied Sectors Agriculture 3 Forestry and Logging Fishing 4 5 6 Share of Agriculture Imports in Total Imports at Current Prices Share of Agriculture Exports in Total Exports at Current Prices Employement in Agriculture Sector as Share of Total Employement

2007 ‐ 08 4.7 5 2.2 6 16.4 13.9 1.7 0.8 7.01 6.43 0.07 0.51 2.95 12.05

2008 ‐ 09 1.6 1.1 2.9 6.3 15.7 13.2 1.7 0.8 9.05 8.39 0.09 0.58 2.74 10.23 52.1

2009 ‐ 10 0.2

Total Food Grain Production ‐ Third Advance Estimates Total Food Grain Production ‐ Fourth Advance Estimates Total Food Grain Production in 2008 ‐ 2009

218.19 MT 218.2 MT 234.47 MT

KHARIF CROPS Kharif crop is the Autumn harvest in India and Pakistan. These crops are usually sown at the beginning of South West Monsoon (June ‐ July) Major Kharif crops are Millets (Bajra and Jowar), Paddy (Rice), Maize, Moong, Ground Nuts, Red chillies, Cotton, Soya bean, Sugercane, Turmeric

RABI CROPS Rabi crop is the spring harvest. Major Rabi Crops are Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Peas, Oats, Bajra, Maize, Khadli

MINIMUM SUPPORT PRICE Government of India announces a minimum support price to ensure remunerative prices for the gowers and to safe guard interest of consumers Government decides the MSPs for various agricultural commodities after taking into account the recommendations of Commission for Agricultural Costs  and Prices (CACP) MSPs for Kharif crops were announced for the year 2010 ‐ 2011 on June 2010 Arhar (Tur) ‐ Rs. 3000/ quintal :  Moong ‐ Rs. 3170/ quintal : Urad ‐ Rs. 2900/ quintal Ragi ‐ 965 / quintal : Jowar ‐ Rs.880 / quintal : Maize and Bajra ‐ Rs. 880 / quintal Sugarcane ‐( Fair and Remunerative Price instead of MSP) ‐ Rs. 139.12/ quintal Paddy (Common) ‐ Rs.1000/ quintal :  Paddy (Gr. A) ‐ Rs. 1030/ quintal.   Cotton ‐ Rs. 2500


EXPANSION Indian Council for Agricultural Research 


ESTABLISHED IN 16th July, 1929

HEADS Sh. Sharad Pawar             (EX‐officio President) Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi       Dr Pramod Kumar Joshi (Director)

HEADS Dr. S. Ayyapan              (Director General)


National Academy of Agriculture Research  National Academy of Agriculture Research Management

Hyderabad, Andhra  Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh



National Institue of Agricultural Marketing

Jaipur, Rajasthan


Sh. Sharad Pawar          (Pres.  Sh. Prabeer Kumar Basu  Of Governing Body) (Chairman, Ex. Council) Nigel Pool                    (Chair of Governing Board) William D Dar (DG)          Dr. S. Ayappan (VC)


International Crop Research Institute for Semi ‐  Hyderabad, Andhra  Arid Tropics Pradesh

National Commission on Farmers

Prof. M.S Swaminathan


Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic  Plants...
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