Agile Acp Exam

Topics: Agile software development, Project management, Extreme Programming Pages: 5 (988 words) Published: February 22, 2013
1 . Decision Framing focuses majorly on,
* Identifying types of decisions that need to be made
* Stakeholders involved in the decision making process
* Delegating decision making process
* Manager taking the decision

2 . The primary task in release planning is assigning stories to iterations, chiefly on the basis of _______________________ * Value and Risk
* Risk and Priority
* Customer Requirements
* Team ability and Value
3 . What are the four key terms by which the iterative part of Agile is defined? * timeboxed, releasable, agility and incremental
* Iterative, feature-based, timeboxed, and incremental
* Feature-based, timeboxed, agility and incremental
* None of the above
4 . Which are the three coach styles?
* Teaching, Coaching and Advising
* Coaching, Mentoring and Advising
* Coaching, Informator, Advising
* Mentoring, Teaching and Advising
5 . What is MOST true about Participatory Decision Making?
* It is a technique that involves all the affected parties * It is just a meeting with no outcomes
* It only involves the customer and the Product Manager
* It is a technique based on the wishes of the Scrum Master 6 . Which of the following tests verify that units and combinations of units work together to perform the desired operations? * Unit tests

* Component tests
* Exploratory Tests
* Usability tests
7 . Self-organization implies a reliance on internal motivation of the team rather than external motivation. This is referred to as, * Delegatory management
* Measurement based management
* Democratic management
* Autocratic management
8 . What is the outcome of a Sprint Planning Meeting?
* Sprint Backlog
* Product Backlog
* Iteration Backlog
* None of the above
9 . In a Fixed Price contract, the risk is beared by,
* Supplier
* Customer
* Product Owner
* Project Team
10 . During which project management phase are the product stories delivered? * Envision
* Speculate
* Explore
* Adapt
11 . A technique defined by Dean Leffingwell and Don Widrig for use cases is also used for Prioritization. This is a voting scheme where each stakeholder is given 100 points that he or she can use for voting in favour of the most important requirements. How they distribute the 100 points is up to them: 20 here, 10 there or even all 100 on a single requirement if that is their sole priority. This method is known as: * Monopoly Money

* 100-Point method
* Requirements Prioritization Money
* Agile Prioritization
Top of Form

12 . Team A finished 43 story points in their last two-week iteration. Team B is working on a separate project and has twice as many developers. They also completed 43 story points in their last two-week iteration. What can you infer from this? * The story points of one team are not comparable to the story points of any other team. * Team A is twice as productive as Team B.

* Team A should have more people on the team
* Team B has the management support
Bottom of Form
13 . What is the BEST tool for tracking the progress of the project and evaluating the ROI? * Sprint Backlog
* Product Backlog
* Iteration Backlog
* None of the above
14 . What is Stress Testing?
* Ensures that all of the components of the user interface behave as expected * Is done to ensure an application that can be easily used * Is done to gauge how well the application will perform under various workloads * Where the application is subjected to extreme values of users, transactions, or anything else that may put the application under stress 15 . Which of the following correctly defines 'Quantity of Function'? * Scope measured in terms of user stories, use cases, requirements, or features * Expressed as...
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