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A2.1- Key actors in the AgeCare Environment
The key actors in the AgeCare Environment are mainly employees who work in the AgeCare. There are three parts in the AgeCare system. They are Head-Office, Centres and Projects.For Head-Office environment, the key actors are Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - a link man between Senior Executive Committee (SEC), trustees and Staff reports to the SEC and trustees about whole AgeCare condition Administrative Department Staff- gather information about the centres and projects manage support for the project and reports to the trustees about project's informationf inancial Department Staff - manage funds from the trustees allocate budgets to each centre and each project manage reports about financial information and reports to the trustees For Centre environment, the key actors are Centre Manager-manage the centre operations allocate budget to each projects concerned with the centre report information about projects to head-office Assistant Manager-gather information from projects report information to Centre Manager admin Support Staff-support resources to each project gather information from each projects and report to head-office's Information Quality Officer For Project environment, the key actors are Lead-Worker-manage the project plan for project's schedule allocate fund and budgets for project manage the staff and volunteers gather information about project report to Centre Manager and Head-Office Full-time staff-give services for elderly people report information about project to Lead-Worker regularly Volunteer-give services for elderly people report information about project to Lead-Worker regularly Other key actors in the system boundary,Senior Executive Committee-monitor for whole AgeCare manage for whole AgeCare make negotiation and contract with trustees Outside the boundary, the key actors are Trustees-give funds for the projects monitor and supervise for Projects A2.2- Key issues and areas of conflict affecting the AgeCare's environment The key issues or problems of AgeCare are

·Overloaded and inconsistent information between departments and centres and projects ·To report consistent and accurate information to the Trustees and SEC ·To manage all funds centrally
·To get the actual project's resource information and performance information ·To get update and right sort of information quickly
·To know the accurate information about funds and agreement for funds ·To provide accurate information about services to elderly people ·To provide right information to right people with right privileges Therefore AgeCare want to develop Management Information System (MIS) which helps AgeCare's information system effectively. The key areas of conflict affecting the AgeCare's environmentare ·The trustees and the AgeCare have different view and some conflicts between them. The trustees want to see evidence that the projects they give funds are having good image and funds are used wisely. They want better and better quality the projects are. But on the other hand, AgeCare think the more funds they get the better quality the projects are. I think this is conflict between trustees and AgeCare. ·The service places and AgeCare also have conflicts that the service places want to see the project's services are fair and AgeCare gives fair visits to them. But AgeCare thinks what the best service places for elderly people by economical scales and facilities are and what places the elderly people are most likely to visit are. Then AgeCare takes elderly people and gives services to those places. ·There are also between conflicts between AgeCare's departments. For example, administrative department want to get consistent information and right sort of information in quickest way and want to develop a system for central information system. Financial department want to have a new finance system in which finance is central and that system deals with any kind of finance within whole AgeCare....
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