Age of Imperialism and Ww1.

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American Imperialism and the Growth of International Markets (1910 for American until 1920) oAs American industrial markets boomed and our economy expanded we sought additional markets for our surplus products and food stuffs. Reasons it occurred in this time period industrial revolution surplus of materials and foods. Export it over seas. Imperialistic. Basically means colonizing. Manipulating their economy which is not a good thing; morally. We’re imperialistic as of 2012. 1920-1941: America will become an isolationist.

If you can’t beat em, join em!
oPowerful senators like Henry Cabot Lodge said that if America was to be a world player we needed to become imperialistic like England, Germany, and France. Teddy Roosevelt was an imperialist “living the vigorous life.” oIt was our burden to educate the world about democracy and Christianity. o*We needed sea-power; a navy to protect our vital interests. (Alfred Thayer Mayan)

The Importance of Sea-Power in History 1890
oProjection of American Power. Protect vital interests (oil). To move troops, supplies, and people.

The Creation of International Markets
oThe Open Door Policy in China was a foreign policy statement made in 1899 by US Secretary of State John Hay that said/ “All nations should have equal trading rights in China.” (Including the United States

China: A Market for the West
oThis was in reference to the increasing influence that European powers were exercising in Asia markets after the opium wars, and America’s interest after acquiring the Philippines

American Internationalism
oThe Boxer Rebellion: In 1898-1901 US expeditionary forces along Europeans which put down the rebellion of Chinese nationalists within China who despised Christian and capitalist influence in China. oMcKinley: 1897-1901: shot by an anarchist but he did win the 1900 election so Teddy Roosevelt became the “accidental president” oThe dollar diplomacy was the foreign policy of the Taft Administration that promised American investors/corporations in Latin America that the US government would use the military to protect our commercial interests in that hemisphere if we felt that they were threatened or our profits jeopardized. oCosta Rica- banana: we will send our military down to protect our dollar if shit goes bad

American Imperialism
oAs a result of these two major foreign policy statements America became involved in the “global marketplace” and was recognized as a national power oIn addition, Commodore Dewey built up the US Naval Fleet making us a world sea- power that could help us police international water and protect our vital interests oTeddy Roosevelt was the second man in charge of our navy…technically he was the one building up our navy.

“Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain.”
oSupposedly blown up by the Spanish in the Havana Harbor

Our Emerging Influence in Latin America
oIn the Spanish American War of 1898 the United States liberated Cubans from the control of Spain oThis would be the beginning of a strong American presence in Cuba. (Platt amendment forbade Cuba from treaties with other nations.) oThis will last until 1959. Until Fidel Castro we had like their leaders oHowever, in 1959, Fidel Castro led a Marxist overthrow of the pro-American Batista government oPrior to that, the United States put down revolts in Cuba in 1906-1909

Beginning of an Empire
oAs a result of the Spanish American War, we also added the protectorate of Puerto Rico (1917) and gained a strong influence in the Philippines after Commodore Dewey defeated Spain. oIn the Philippine war 1898-1902 the United States crushed Philippino insurrectionists led by Emilio Aguinaldo, however, we lost 4,300 men. oIt became a campaign issue in the election of 1911

oAndrew Carnegie and Henry Ford did not agree with our involvement

“A Bridge Between the Seas”
oAt the urging of Teddy Roosevelt, the Panamanians fought a war of...
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