African American Studies - 1

Topics: Black people, Social movement, African American Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Chapter 1 Summary
Chapter one starts by defining the discipline of Black Studies, which is the critical and systematic study of the thought and practice of African people in their current and historical unfolding. Then it goes to define what the word what the African means and the term Diaspora. Diaspora is the dispersion or scattering of people with a common origin. By Diaspora black people who originally came from Africa now eradicate in the Americas, the Caribbean and other islands of the seas, Europe and Asia.

The main focus on this study and most important points to learn about African studies are: African thinking, acting, producing, creating, building, speaking and problem-solving in their own unique way in the world. The phrase “the black experience” regarding teaching the study in the early years of development meant what Africans had to go through and went through.

The Black studies began early at the same time the ancient Egypt, Mali and Songhay long time ago. But in regard of an organized and established discipline in a university we will be talking in the 1960’s. When Black studies started to be taught in universities the most important social struggles were taking place at the same time regarding black people. Struggles like: freedom, justice, equality, power, political and cultural self-determination and education relevance.

The introduction of the most important student movements is made. These movements are: the Civil Right Movement, the Free Speech Movement, the Anti-Vietnam War Movement and the Black Power Movement. The civil rights movement took place in 1960 and the students played a huge role in it. This movement sought to: break down the barriers of legal segregation in public accommodations; achieve equality and justice for Blacks; organize Blacks into a self-conscious social force capable of defining, defending and advancing their interests. The Free Speech Movement began in 1964 and it was basically all white students...
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