Afkortingen Informatiesystemen

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1. Geschiedenis van Computers
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CTR| Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation|
IBM| International Business Machines Corporation|
CPU| Central Processing Unit|
IC| Integrated Circuits|
DEC| Digital Equipment Corporation|
PC| Personal computer|

2. Moderne computersystemen
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UC| Ubiquitous Computer|
PDA| Personal Digital Assistant|
PC| Personal Computer|
RAS| Reliability Availiability Serviceability|
FLOPS| Floating-point OPerations per Second|
P2P| Peer-to-Peer Computing|
SETI| Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence|
IaaS| Infrastructure as a Service|
PaaS| Platform as a Service|
SaaS| Software as a Service|

3. Hardware
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CPU| Central Processing Unit|
ASCII| American Standard Code for Information Interchange| EBDIC| Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code|
bit| binary digit|
RAM| Random Acces Memory|
ROM| Read-only Memory|
CMOS| Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Memory|
SRAM| Static RAM|
DRAM| Dynamic RAM|
DIMM| Dual In-line Memory Modules|
ROM| Read-only memory|
PROM| Programmable Read-only Memory|
EPROM| Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory|
EEPROM| Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-only memory| BIOS| Basic Input-Output System|
CMOS| Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Memory|
OS| Operating system|
CPU| Central processing unit|
ALU| Arithmetic and logic unit|
L1-cache| Level-1 cache|
GHz| Gigahertz|
PCI| Peripheral Component Interconnect|
PCI-E| PCI Express|
AGP| Accelerated Graphics Port|
SATA of Serial ATA| Serial Advanced Technology Attachment| SCSI| Small Computer System Interface|
SAS| Serial Attached SCSI|
USB| Universal Serial Bus|
VGA| Video Graphics Adapter|
DVI| Digital Video Interface|
RAID| Redundant Array of Independent Disks|
DAS| Direct-Attached Storage|
SAN| Storage Area Network|
NAS| Network Attached Storage|
CD| Compact Disc|
DVD| Digital Versatile Disc|
BD| Blu-Ray Disc|
SSD| Solid State Drive|
LTO| Linear-Tape Open|

5. Software
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OS| Operating system|
GUI| Graphical user interface|
BIOS| Basic Input-Output system|
VM| Virtual memory|
VM| Virtual machines|
FAT| File Allocation Table|
NTFS| New Technology File System|
HFS+| Hierarcal File System Plus|
OSS| Open Source Software|
COTS| Commercoal Off-The-Shelf|
ERP| Enterprise Resource Planning|
SCM| Supply Chain Management|
CRM| Customer Relationship Management|
HRM| Human Resource Management|
ECM| Enterprise Content Management|
DMS| Document Management System|
WCM| Web Content Management|
BI| Business Intelligence|

7. Computernetwerken
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IM| Instant Messaging|
VoIP| Voice over IP|
B2B| Business to Business|
B2C| Business to Consumer|
G2C| Government to Consumer|
C2C| Consumer to Consumer|
UTP| Unshielded Twisted Pair|
STP| Shielded Twisted Pair|
POTS| Plain Old Telephone System|
Modem| Modulator Demodulator|
ISDN| Integrated Services Digital Network|
ADSL| Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line|
SDSL| Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line|
GSM| Global System for Mobile Communications|
GPRS| General Packet Radio Service|
EDGE| Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution|
UMTS| Universal Mobile Telecommunications System|
HSDPA| High-Speed Downlink Packet Access|
LTE| Long Term Evolution|
PAN| Personal Area Network|
WPAN| Wireless PAN|
LAN| Local Area Network|
WLAN| Wireless LAN|
MAN| Metropolitan Area Network|
MANAP| Metropolitan Area Network for Antwerp|
WMAN| Wireless MAN|
WAN| Wide Area Network|
VPN| Virtual Private Network|
CSMA/CD| Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection| CD|...
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