Advanced Writing Exercise

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Education, Failure Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: March 17, 2012
1a. Some people argue that atmospheric carbon dioxide does not elevate global temperature. 1b. There has been speculation by educators about the role of the family in improving educational achievement. 2a. Smoking during pregnancy may cause fetal injury.

2b. When we write concisely, readers understand easily.
3a. Researchers have identified the AIDS virus but failed to develop a vaccine to immunize those at risk. 3b. Attempts by economists at defining full employment have been met with failure. 4a. Complaints by editorial writers about voter apathy rarely offer suggestions about voter apathy rarely offer suggestions about dispelling it. 4b. Although critics claim that children who watch a lot of television tend to become less able readers, no one has demonstrated that to be true. 5a. The loss of market share to Japan by domestic automakers resulted in the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of jobs. 5b. When educators discover how to use computer-assisted instruction, our schools will teach complex subjects more effectively. 6a. We need to know which parts of our national forests are being logged most extensively so that we can save virgin stands at greatest risk. There is a need for an analysis of library use to provide a reliable base for the projection of needed resources. 7a. Many professional athletes fail to realize that they are unprepared for life after stardom because their teams protect them from the problems that the rest of us adjust to every day. 7b. Colleges now have an understanding that yearly tuition increases are now impossible because of strong parental resistance to the soaring cost of higher education.

Circle nominalizations and highlight verbs
Underline subjects, put a “c” over characters that seem to perform actions
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