Advanced Management

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Module: Advanced Management
Text Book: New Era of Management, International Edition by Richard L. Daft 1)

The Nature of Management (CH 1 & 7)
1.1) W hat is management?
 Getting things done with/thru people – Mary Parker Follet  Has certain principles and guidelines
 A combination of practice and theory
 Apply theory
 Practice without theory is limited by experience
 W hat is good in the past experience may not be good for the present time or future  Knowledge with practice make a better manager
 Today’s definition of management is more technocrat.
 “Management is what managers do” - Dr Lourdes.
 Managers manage and responsi ble for the work of others
 Does management matter?
 Good vs bad management
 Historically management is learned thru practice
 To run organization better
 More complex issues today
 Involves managing a lot of money
 Global competition.
 More challenging environment
 Application of management skills depends on individual
 Mintzberg – management mus be practised to be effective manager.  Mismanagement issue
 Companies and government fail because of poor management 1.2) W hat do managers do? Peter Drucker and tasks of manag ement.  Peter Drucker define management by the tasks the managers do. 1. Set objectives

1. determine what objectives, goals
2. Organizes
1. analyze the activities, decisions and relations needed.
2. Classify work and divide into managable jobs.
3. Then group the jobs into org structure.
4. Then select people
3. Motivate & communicate
1. Make a team, thru own practice, relation,
2. people decision on pay, placement & promotion
3. thru constant communications with superiors and subordinates 4. Measurement
1. Establish yardstik to measure performance
2. Analyse, appraise and interpret performance
3. Communicate the meaning of the measurements
5. Develop people including himself
 10 Managerial Roles of managers (Mintzberg) – p21, Ex 1.7  Information processing roles
1. Monitor – seek and receive info, scan reports maintain personal contacts 2. Disseminator – forward info to other org members, send memos & make calls 3. Spokeperson – transmit info to outsiders thru speechs, memo & reports  Decision-making roles


Module: Advanced Management
Text Book: New Era of Management, International Edition by Richard L. Daft 4. Entrepreneur – initiate improvement projects, identify new ideas & delegate idea responsibilities
5. Disturbance handler - take corrective actions during disputes & crisis, resolve conflicts
6. Resource Allocator – decide who gets resources, schedule, budget, set priorities
7. Negotiator – represent dept during negotiation of union, sales, purchase, budget
 Interpersonal roles
8. Figurehead – perform ceremonial duties. Visitors, signing legal docs 9. Leader – direct and motivate subbordinates, train, counsel & communicate 10. Liaison – maintain info link both inside and outside orgs; use email, calls, meeting

 Mintzberg – typical activity patterns in managerial work  Pace of work is hectic and unrelenting
 Content of work is varied and fragmanted. Doing a lot of things in one time.  Many activities are reactive. Many problems are n ot planned.  Interactions often involves peers or outsiders
 Horizontal interaction
 Outsiders – suppliers, government
 Networking activities
 Many interactions involve oral communications
 Phones more than emails/mails
 Decision processes are disorderly and poli tical
 Not systematic, not rational, practical limitation
 Political in nature
 Most plannings are informal and adaptive
 Short term planning decision
 Adaptive to situation around the company
 Making small changes
 The effective executive (Drucker) – p65 . Tasks of management: 1. Sets objectives / mission / goals / targets
2. Organize / plan
3. Motivate & communicate
 Shared with employees
4. Measure performance
 Analyze, appraise, interpret performance
5. Develop people
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