Administrative Office Management Chapter 1

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Administrative Office Management
Chapter 1

The office in today’s world of business
The office
-A place where activities take place to facilitate operations of the business enterprise -Data gathering, record keeping, info management, business communication  -“beehive” of activity where substantial paperwork of many kinds are done

Importance of office work
-Facilitating/servicing unit for all major functions in the company -Brain and nerve centre because of its network of activities -Inefficiency in office operations could impair the smooth function of the whole organization

Office Network of Activities
-Giving out instructions/directions for implementation and guidance -Coordinating men, materials and machines to attain company objectives -Doing statistical research as needed
-Providing fundamental information for continuous succession of management decisions

Office Management
-Sometimes called “Office administration”
-Efficient functioning of office operations that starts with organization of the office and leads on to the supervision of its personnel , machine and operations

Objectives of office management

-* Management of “information” i.e. words, figures or symbols that are basic to decision making *

Improvement- Improve work methods and personnel activities with a minimum waste of time, effort, money and materials •Facilitation- facilitate operations thru use of office machines and equipment, physical facilities and satisfactory working conditions •Control- regulating and restraining activities where needed to bring about correlation and coordination; results are checked against standards

Trends in the Office Management
Rapid transfer of skills from human beings to semi automatic machinery •Increasing use of computers, electronic data processing and fax machines •Avalanche of paper work vs. “paper-less” office

Emphasis on personnel development either initiated by the company or the individual •...
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