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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Tips for success with the active listening memo

• Read the assigned reading from the course pack: “Active Listening” and employ the skills described in the article and discussed yesterday in class.

• Take time to read the possible question prompts listed on the assignment sheet—things to be looking for/thinking about during your two-hour time frame.

• Select a good setting where you will be with at least one or two individuals (not more than three) and where you can look at the other person/s and practice your active listening skills.

o Not great choices:

▪ in a car (the driver can’t look at you, or if you’re the driver, you can’t look at the other individual)

▪ at a recruiting event (you’re trying to actively engage with the recruiter... not just listen)

▪ in class (too many people)

• Remind yourself often that you’re not “just being silent”...your goals are to actively listen to understand the other person and to reflect that understanding back to that person

• Use nonverbal skills to stay engaged in the conversation (especially important if you’re actively listening to a small group of 2-3 people).

o If you’re feeling marginalized ...use nonverbal skills to reengage

• Don’t try and simply be an observer—you should be part of the group...your goal is to be an active listener and to practice your active listening skills (something you can’t do if you’re simply observing a group.)

• Remember to demonstrate “best business writing practices” when you write and revise your assignment.
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