Active Description of Construction Site

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Site establishment

One of the key successes to most projects is in the planning preparation. It is important to establish the key members of the site team as soon as possible and then establish them on to the site. As much time as possible should be allowed for planning and preparation with the team on site. Planning includes various parts such as the completion of the network diagram, cash flow and labour preparation.

Before starting anything, the site has to be fully prepared for vehicles access, workers as well as safety and amenities. All weather access is provided for heavy machinery and site vehicles. Haul roads and access ways are cleared of vegetation and ground is compacted to allow for and support heavy loads such as trucks carrying equipment and materials. Preparation also consists of getting all the equipements ready for use before the actual construction process begins, these include storage facilities, site compound and amenities as described below.

Clear vegetation
A dozer or similar vehicle may be used to clear vegetation. Attachments such as a rake blade will be used to help clear the vegetation without moving large soil masses. Since ground material is mostly comprised of granite, the ground is quite sturdy. Rollers will be used to compact the ground reducing wear and dust on the roads. It is important to consider factors such as environmental issues and sustainable issues when dealing with vegetation as tree-huggers might slow down the construction process. It might be wise to consult an engineer or a site plan before clearing any vegetation since clearing an area that did not have to be cleared would result in losses in money and time.

Site compound and storage
A designated area is to be set aside on both sides of the creek for car parking, offices and storage close by and in view of the construction site. Parking should be placed next to the entrance to the site as no cars should travek through the construction site to get a parking spot. Storage allows for easy access to materials and equipment. This area should be close enough to allow quick access to the site while keeping materials, equipment, and personnel away from heavy machinery and construction hazards. Storage for equipment and materials should be located a few 100 metres from the actual construction; if necessary, storage could be moved along the length of the bridge as construction progress further. First aid office, and lunch rooms will also be located in this designated area. Second hand shipping containers are used to store materials and small equipment items, however, since construction will occur at both sides of the bridge at the same time, it would be ideal to have these containers on both sides. This is secure and protects materials and equipment from weather and construction hazards.

Water, power and communications are also put in place on both sides of the creek. Power is connected to a grid via temporary connections. A temporary water main is connected to provide drinking water, and other uses of water on the construction site. Temporary communication lines are installed via main lines to allow for the use of telephones, faxes, internet, etc. these services are only temporary as they will be removed after the completion of construction. It is critical to get these amenities ready for use on the first working day in order to accomplish a smooth start.

Dykes and drainage ditches are constructed to keep the site free from ponding water.

Temporary fencing is erected around the perimeter of the site. Fencing provides security by deterring unauthorized personnel from entering the construction site. Mesh material is placed on the fencing to stop dirt and debri from leaving the construction site and causing an environmental and safety hazard. A shaker table will be constructed at the entrance of the site to remove dirt and debri from vehicles before entering or...
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