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Topics: Venture capital, Electrical engineering, Silicon Valley Pages: 5 (1896 words) Published: March 14, 2013
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A Technopreneurship Fable

About the Author
Dennis Posadas writes a technology column for the Philippine newspaper, Business World. His articles and opinions on Asian technology innovation have also been published in, Forbes Asia, UCLA AsiaMedia, United Press International(UPI), and Singapore Business Times. His previous book, Rice and Chips: Technopreneurship and Innovation in Asia, was published by Pearson Education Asia (Pearson Prentice Hall) in 2007. Posadas worked as a chip equipment development engineer; technology and business analyst and venture capital scout for Intel (based in Manila), and previously with Analog Devices. He received his BS Electrical Engineering degree from University of the Philippines in 1991, and was an Intel sponsored Fellow to the Advanced Study Program of the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1999. Posadas lives in Manila, Philppines with his wife Joy and three young daughters.

Plot of the Story
The story happens in a park bench near the Golden Gate Bridge where Rajin and his wife Silvia are discussing about Rajins’ plan of going back home and start a techno business. Silvia opposed to what Rajins’ plan because it would mean that they will leave their career and start from a scratch. But this did not convinced Rajin to stay instead he is determined to pursue his plan to leave his career in Silicon Valley and start his techno business. They agreed to spend a few months to make his techno business but it fails he will end his techno business and they will go back home and continue their career. Rajin made his first of his client meeting with the chief of executive officer of a local telecom company to present his product. However, it was not a good start, he did not meet the CEO and he just leaves his brochures and business card there. In a bar he met Bob who offered him with a drink and had chitchat regarding the problems and plans in Rajin’s business. Rajin explained his plans of starting a new system hardware and software he had developed for telecommunication companies and how will it improve the efficiency of the networks. Their conversation continued until Bob becomes Rajin’s adviser and mentor of his business. Bob taught Rajin’s many things how to make his business earn success. Bob also imparted how to market his product, how to protect his product and many other things that is a great help for Rajin’s business venture. Rajin’s realized many thoughts of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is no joke, there would be many sacrifices to be made; like your time, money and most of it is your family. Rajin and Silvia had an argument before regarding his plans.Silvia wanted him to stop it and stay on as an engineering manager in Silicon Valley. Rajin together with Bob start planning where to get the supplies in the production of the product. Rajin already kept that in mind and had took suppliers from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. They also look for subcontractors who can test the product. They also talked to some local engineers who can do additional hardware and software design and development. After that Bob asked Rajin to get ready for an elevator pitch of the product to some angel investors and venture capitalist. After the meeting, Rajin and Bob engaged some of the potential investor in a small talk. Cards were exchanged.Still Bob have many meeting plans scheduled for Rajin to attract more investors. Bob and Rajin talked about Intellectual Property to patent their product to license the product and to block potential competitors from entering the business.They also discussed things to be outsourced and the things to be done in-house. Rajin and Bob arrived at the local engineering university where students were demonstrating their various contraptions. Electronic equipment, soldering iron, wires of different sizes, microchips, tiny components that looked like jellybeans. Students who looked-liked they had spent the night in the...
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