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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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Date| What do I want to achieve?| How will I achieve it?| Who do I need to involve?| Target date| Outcome and Evaluation | | Check learning needs from the previous page and prioritise them:| Write down what you and your mentor and personal teacher agree that you need to do to ensure success:| Who can facilitate you in achieving your goals?| What is the cut-off date, when do you want to achieve this by?| What was the outcome? How well did you do? If it was not achieved, why not?| | To increase my existing knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the heart.| To use resources available to me, such as the library, internet and knowledge from my mentor and other members of the health and social care team. | Qualified Nurses or other trained professionals on the ward.| By the end of my placement.| I feel that I have achieved this outcome well, I have utilised previous lecture notes and resources such as text books to help develop my knowledge further. I have spent some of my placement time with specialist nurses and utilised resources they have provided me. | | To be able to perform Electocardiograms (ECG’s) correctly.| Observe my mentor or other qualified nurses closely when performing an ECG. Be observed myself, ensuring the lead positioning it correct, and the ECG is set up correctly. | Qualified Nurses or other trained professionals on the ward.| By the end of my placement.| I have been able to achieve this outcome, I observed my mentor and other qualified nurses that I worked with. This enabled to learn the importance of correct positioning of the ECG electrodes and leads. This is a new skill I have developed and I will be able to utilise this on other practice placements.| | To begin to interpret ECG’s and develop skills needed for rhythm recognition.| To use resources available to me so that I can begin to develop the knowledge needed to recognise rhythms, for example up to date literature, the...
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