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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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4. People Aspect of ACI Logistics
To understand where the company stands today, how it came up to this position and where it may go forward, we may look into the top management of the company who makes the strategic decisions and guidance. Moreover since retail chain management is a newer concept in Bangladesh, there is less resource persons in this area and hence training up employees at different level of procurement, outlet management has become a critical success factor. 4.1 Starting the Dream along with Mr. Asif Iqbal

“A person who dares to dream. Brave to bring disruption and create new rules of game.” - this how Mr. Iqbal describes himself in the professional networking site LinkedIn. Mr. Asif Iqbal joined ACI Logistics as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in November 2007, just before the launching any outlet of Shwapno. Before that he had 11 years of leading experience in consumer goods industry at Unilever. It was expected that ACI Logistics would be benefitted from his branding and marketing experience. But as the success of retail chain shop is heavily dependent on the success of supply chain management, Shwapno could not get that service from its COO. Rather, being a popular song writer Mr. Iqbal helped Shawpno view the dream, but could not lead the path to materialize the dream. Finally he left ACI Logistics in April 2010 after the massive failure in the year of 2009 and then joined ATN news as a consultant. 4.2 Fighting back with Mr. Sohel Tanvir Khan

Mr. Sohel Tanvir Khan joined ACI Logistics almost at the very beginning of its operation as Head of Customer Experience and Marketing Development. Before that he had a long career with Eskayef Bangladesh and had the closer experience to supply chain management. He got his MBA majoring in Marketing from IBA of Dhaka University 20 years ago. He is now trying to build up better network and renovating the outlets of Shwapno.
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