Accountmate Project

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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AccountMate Project
1. Current environment and associated problem
a. The scanning industry has exploded in recent years
b. Administrative and accounting duties are becoming overwhelming for staff c. Cash flows are becoming a huge problem
2. Projected company growth and resulting workload
a. 10 year small business is expanding at a rapid rate
b. Currently experiencing an annual 40% growth rate
c. Billing, invoicing, customer collections, accounting payable are behind 3. Information needs for a company twice your present size a. Functionality
b. Physical and Logical Security
c. Automation
d. Flexibility
e. Adaptability to the company’s needs
f. Change with the future.
4. Advantages of automating the entire company and not just the billing department a. Speed
b. Workflow efficiencies
c. Feasible streamline productivity process
d. Less cost to operate
e. Reduce the minutes you dedicate on repetitive activities f. Reduce the money spent on manual work
g. Augment the work efforts of your office operation.
h. Improve your ability to handle a larger volume of customer requests i. Work from data that is reliable

5. Summarized comparison of QuickBooks and AccountMate system capabilities *QuickBooks
a.SaaS/Cloud (Software As A Software)- rented application
b.Supports 5 to 30 simultaneous users
c.Expanded user controls for separation of duties
d.Connection to remote workers and locations
e.Flexible administrative controls
f.Create reports and financial statements
g.Automation of billing and invoice processing/mailing
h.Track and pay bills
i.Inventory tracking
j.Payroll & Employee Management
k.Data Recovery
m.Point of Sales Equipment
a.Stability and speed of SQL based server
b.Accommodate hundreds of concurrent users built-in limit to the size of your company databases; thereby eliminating the need to archive...
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