Accommodation Operation Management

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1, List a minimum of six (6) pieces of equipment used by a housekeeper. Vacuum cleaner, dustpan and brush, mops and brooms, bucket, toilet brush, fabric brush, cleaning cloths, hand caddy, French polisher, chemical spray bottles The caddie includes: Glass cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, Multipurpose cleaner

2, Government legislation in Australia requires certain details of an international guest at registration. Explain what these three (3) details are and who can access this information. ■ Name, Passport No, Address

■ Hotel staff, Police, Australian Immigration

3, General housekeeping-4 basic things. Suggest the three (3) main reasons for cleaning a room. To create: a hygienic environment and a clean and pleasing environment to guests

Care for the materials and finishes of fittings and furniture

Reduce safety hazards

4, Cleaning is carried out in an accommodation property for four main reasons. List what these are.

To Increase the Life Expectancy & Reduce Costs of Finishes

5, Describe four of the functions of the front office accounting section.

□ Track vast number of guest transactions

□ Services are provided on credit,

■ accurate & current records must be maintained

□ Guests may pre-pay or organisations may pay on their behalf

■ Credit card imprint

□ Internal control on credit limits needs to be maintained

□ Provides information for management on departmental revenue

□ Compilation of reports

6, Jobs duty for receptionist (list 3)

A hotel receptionist is responsible for greeting guests with a smile, welcoming the guest to the hotel and arranging reservations. Other responsibilities include helping guests with luggage storage, storing valuables, ordering taxis and reserving a table for a guest at a local restaurant. Receptionist would probably answer phones to reserve rooms for people, as well as cashiering. Much of your time would be spent interacting with guests at the hotel, dealing with questions, problems, or requests from customers or possibly

7, in hose or external laundry (adv, disadv.)

|Advantages of in-house |Advantages of external | |- better control over standards |- less initial cost outlay | |- no delivery problems |- no maintenance or associated wage costs | |- greater flexibility with all items including guest laundry |- space used to better advantage |

8, Environmental issues in accommodation management
Staying ahead of rising energy costs.
Indoor air quality
9, Accommodation interior design. Why becomes children hotel? Different interior Types and themes of hotels:
• Haunted hotels, Pet hotels, Kids hotels, Resorts, City locations, Airport locations, Beach locations, Mountain lodges, Eco tourism, Scenic, Hidden, Themed

Interior Design:

■ Will be affected by: The purpose of the building or area, The structure of the building or area, Financial constraints, Time available, The site, Individual taste

■ Textures, Colours, Shapes and Forms and Patterns will affect the look

Considerations for Design:
Appearance , Dimensions, Adaptability, Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance, Durability, Safety, Comfort, Arrangement & Spacing

Today’s travelers are more aware of their individual needs and requirements. They demand not to be treated as just guests. They want companies to acknowledge their existence and understand their special needs, and to be catered to in a personal way. Hence I named this posting ‘the shift from hotel product marketing to niche targeting’. Hotel marketing has to change! We have to divide our potential hotel customers up into small niche market segments and communicate with them in a targeted way.

So to attract...
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