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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Aulora Ellis
HFST 1500-400

Abstract #1
By: Yie-Chu Foo; Cai-Lian Tam; Teck-Heang Lee. International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health (IJCRIMPH). Mar2012, Vol. 4 Issue 3, p190-201. 12p.  Drugs have been around for ages and it comes in many different forms throughout its existence. With changes in the forms of drugs, technology and other environmental factors over time, underlying the mechanisms causing drug abuse could have evolved too. Therefore, this study was created to relook into the everyday, causal factors for people to abuse drugs. To the authors' knowledge, there has not been an in-depth study conducted in this topic yet. Therefore, this abstract sought to study in-depth how different factors have affected people's drug abuse in everyday life. This paper aimed to study the significance of peer influence, family issues, unemployment, curiosity, tension release, and other personal problems in drug abuse at contemporary time. The study design of interview and structured questionnaires were used. Seven people from a rehabilitation center were recruited and interviewed individually. The results of this study revealed that family factors, such as family economic influences and peer influence played an important role in an individual's drug abuse habits. Other factors such as curiosity, tension release and betrayal of spouse also contributed to participant's drug abuse. The study also found that a person's drug abuse is usually caused by a combination of several factors instead of just one factor. In conclusion, as combinations of causal factors for each individual's drug abuse are different, individualized intervention was proposed for drug abusers to maximize results.  Aulora Ellis

HFST 1500-400
Abstract #2
By: Khushabi, Katayoun; Moradi, Shahram; Habibi, Mojtaba. Iranian Journal of Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology. Winter2012, Vol. 17 Issue 4, p313-323. 11p. Language: Persian.

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